Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy Fall Pumpkins - No Gooey Guts!

I'm sick of carving pumpkins.  It's super fun, and we usually do it.  But I get all itchy and it's a mess and it's frustrating even when you use a stencil.  OVER IT.  We visited a pumpkin patch at a neat vintage place called Revival Texas two weekends ago.  We didn't find any pumpkins that really tickled our fancies, and we had a feeling they were ridiculously priced.  I did find I am particularly fond of the flat, red ones we've been seeing.  So we opted for the grocery store buy.  Mike came home with three little guys a few days later. 
After a couple days of them sitting in the car, they made their way inside.  And yesterday, I finally got them decked out and sitting on our front stoop.  You can also see the old box/shelf I rehabbed with some sanding, screws, and paint a few months ago.  Welcome to the front of the house, little box!
For my first pumpkin, I experimented with my first use of washi tape.  Hello Dollar Spot @ Target!  I'm telling you, hit up their fall dollar section!  I put six strips around the pumpkin, and then wrapped the stem with some thicker jute cord.  I think she looks pretty great!  And it took me less than two minutes. 
I also scored some glitter in the dollar section.  I decided I needed a sparkly pumpkin.  I got a thick paintbrush and my Modpodge for this pumpkin.  I first painted the top section and then quickly sprinkled with gold glitter through the shaker top of the container.  Then I slightly tilted the pumpkin and slowly rolled it while painting a second layer to sprinkle with silver glitter.  It doesn't look amazing, but Mike really liked it, and it will sparkle a bit when our light is on. 

The last one was the red flat one, which I wanted to leave alone because I liked it so much.  So there is our little front door vignette.  I'm trying to find a few things in the house that I wouldn't mind putting outside to fill the compartments.  It looks a little bit empty right now. 

Quick and easy pumpkins, with little mess!  Kids could easily help with these projects, as long as they don't have a taste for glitter.   Hah! 

Read about our very disappointing first Halloween in a house here.  I hope this year is more fulfilling!


  1. The glitter looks so pretty! Painting pumpkins is fun too, and much less mess than carving. :)

    1. I was considering painting, too! This was just so quick and easy, which hardly any cleanup, that I went for it. I think I may be over the "guts" until I have kiddos.