Friday, September 26, 2014

"Fall" for Target

I had to stop at Target two nights ago to pick up a prescription.  Of course, I couldn't help but meander through the Dollar Spot.  Normally, I don't find many things that are too intriguing in there, but WOW!  Their current fall décor there is so CUTE!  I didn't even have to go to the fall section, and I quickly spent about $20, just in the dollar section.  (To be fair, some items were three dollars.)

By quickly, I mean that Mike was simultaneously running another errand and I had to go back to pick him up.  Hence, why I resorted to the Dollar Spot and not the clearance section :)  I would easily say I spent less than five minutes perusing and came away with some absolutely adorable items that I can't wait to put out!  I will likely put up a fall décor post later, but this is what I found.  Those ramekins were only $3!  They are cream colored and I am obsessed. 

Oh, and I ended up not getting my prescription because apparently they close at 7:00.  SO, I have to go back this weekend...*evil giggle*  Therefore, I might be able to do a bit more shopping for the season! 

We just came back from Minnesota, and fall is definitely in full swing there.  The cool breeze, bitter evenings, the smell of bonfires.  LOVE.  I was a little bummed when we came back to Austin, because the leaves don't really change here, and you don't get that crisp smell in the air.  I was yearning for FALL...REAL fall. 

Thus, I decided that I would decorate for fall in October, even though it didn't feel like it.  Mike informed me that October is NEXT WEEK!!  How the heck did that happen?! 

So, this weekend, I will be cleaning up the house in preparation for getting festively fall.  Even though it is supposed to be back in the 90s next week.  Woof.  

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  1. I. Love. Target. I picked up some sparkly Halloween decor the other day to brighten up my desk at work :)