Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday {Volume Six} - Stitch Fix Edition!

It's been quite a while since I've done a Five on Friday.  It's a great way to share and I love having a clear goal for me and a clear format for you!  And this one is going to be EXTRA cool.  

I just received my very first Stitchfix.  Stitchfix is a personal styling service that send clothes right to your door.  Shipping and returns are free. You choose how often and when you receive a "fix".   All you do is pay a $20 styling fee - which is used as a credit when you purchase the items you love.  So you really have nothing to lose because you will absolutely love at least one of your items!

You may be thinking that this will never work for you.  I definitely thought the same.  I have a large bust, short torso, short legs, a booty...the list goes on.  Shopping is frustrating and time consuming.  I cannot believe how fantastic my fix items fit!  And I didn't even have to go anywhere!  Plus, who doesn't like getting pretty packages?!

When you first sign up, you will input all of your sizes, height, styles and trends that you like, etc. You can leave notes for as well as share a Pinterest board with your stylist.  This is a great way to try to help your stylist curate your fixes.  Signing up took about ten minutes total and my fix was here in less than a month.  So fun!

So here we go...I'm going to show you the FIVE FABULOUS items I received.  I actually decided to keep ALL OF THEM, so I got a 25% discount on my purchase.  Awesome!  

(Note that the items are straight from the box and photographs were taken by the hubby - aka wrinkles and not professional photos)

ONE:  Zad Bessie Swirl Drop Earrings.  These are very light and fun!  They have a shiny finish and are actually pretty large.  I will definitely wear these for work or for a fun night out.  Funky and cool!

TWO:  Just Black Dean Skinny Jean in Wine.  I would normally NEVER wear a colored pant, but they tell you to try on everything and I'm sure glad I did!  These are ankle skinnies with a zipper detail.  They are a soft, stretchy material and fit amazingly.  One thing I always read on Stitchfix reviews is that somehow the jeans they pick always fit like a glove.  TRUE.  Jean shopping takes me DAYS and usually ends with complete frustration.  These are cute, fit well, and are perfect for fall.  I can't wait to show them off!

THREE:  Skies are Blue Amari Jacket.  This is a funky jacket that will be great for fall and winter.  The style is definitely something I would have worn when I was wearing all black and sweatshirts.  I have this on a hanger because I'm exchanging for a smaller size.  This jacket has fun sleeves, a drawstring at the waist to change the look, and a mock collar.  It also has a zipper AND buttons and the sleeves can be buttoned up.  I will be able to wear this in so many ways!

FOUR:  THML Havana Dress.  I never would have picked this dress off of a rack.  Blue usually isn't my thing, I CANNOT wear shift/swing dresses and I am not usually a lover of this kind of print.  I put it on and was so surprised.  It's SO CUTE and flattering to my shape.  The hem is also a bit lower in the back so it is comfy and modest.  It is a bit tight in the shoulders but chiffon items with sleeves always are.  This is work, fun, party, and wedding appropriate.  Jazz with some gold earrings and a bracelet, and POW!

FIVE:  Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse.  This was the first item I put on.  It FIT and it is SO GREAT!  Chiffon tops (as I mentioned) are hard with a large bust, but on this one, the sleeves are cut just right that I have a full range of motion.  Speaking of the sleeves, they're TULIP sleeves!  So cute!  Again, something I would normally never pick up as is it very feminine, but I absolutely love the way they look.  I put on this top with the jeans above and showed Mike.  He was stunned and speechless.  It's nice to have some really nice clothes now, as I am usually Mrs. Bargain Shopper.  

I simply cannot believe how great all of these items are.  Most of them I would have never even picked up.  Although I may not have originally kept all of them, when you purchase all of your items, you get a discount, so I essentially got one of the most expensive item for free.  You know I love my discounts!

If you would like to ask questions about price and sizing, please comment below or send me an email  I would be happy to chat with you about it!  Make sure to check out Stitchfix!!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

GIVEAWAY TIME {and a house update}!

Hello Old Friends!  

It has been over a month since I've been in this space.  I'm sorry.  But...SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.  It seems like I should have plenty of time, but this was an easy thing to put off.  

Where have I been?

Moving in to OUR NEW HOUSE!  After over three months of living with my parents (sans internet), house hunting, and growing frustration, we finally found a house!  It is in a different area than we expected, but it put us closer to the metro area than we ever expected and it is working out great so far.  We got a lot of things on our "must have" list such as a beautiful kitchen, a shop, an extra bedroom, a master suite, and more.  

I've always taken a lot of pride in where I live and love to put my own touch on each place.  Now, we finally have our OWN house and I can really decorate and design the way I like to.  I will post a couple of teasers but FIRST I have to tell you about the AMAZING decals I ordered on Etsy.  

I came across a few great deals and ended up purchasing from Stephen Edward Graphics. I was surprised when they showed up promptly at my door, with extremely detailed instructions, and even a little freebie.  After sharing the picture of my first project, I knew these updates would be a HIT! 

This is our front door, which was made even more beautiful with this fantastic decal.  AND YOU CAN WIN ONE!!  I am teaming up with Stephen Edward Graphics to give one of YOU a FREE "HELLO" decal!!  Make sure to enter and share!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This decal took me less than five minutes to "install" and looks totally fab on our front door.  People think I hand painted it, that's how great the decals are!  It is fairly large and matches our siding very well.  I absolutely love the way it looks!

A few days later, I got to refurbishing our mailbox.  I'm pretty sure the neighbors think I'm insane because I spent a day working on our mailbox.  Of all things...  But, let me tell you, it looks incredible.  Not only am I thrilled that we have our own mailbox, but it looks fabulous!  

If you want to start shopping NOW, why not use a discount code?!  
Use HELLOOLSON in their ETSY SHOP for 10% off your order!  

This is a husband and wife owned business who have excellent products.  You can find anything from baby decals to personalized items.  They also love to work on custom products!  My mailbox decal was customized to fit, as it was meant for a door.  They have tons of colors to choose from and IF YOU WIN, you can choose your HELLO decal in any of their colors.  

I am not getting anything for this post other than a free decal for one of you!  You will not be disappointed with these products and I HIGHLY encourage you to get shopping!  

Who doesn't like to win things?  Who doesn't like discounts?!  Get to it, my friends!

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