Friday, June 13, 2014

Target - The Black Hole

Anyone I've ever talked to about this agrees:  TARGET is the perfect little naughty habit. 

They have EVERYTHING!  And it's cute!  And reasonably priced!  Damn them. 

I am a clearance/bargain shopper to the max.  Naturally, I love the 30-50-70 percent off racks at Target and have become a major fan of shopping off season to get some great deals.  Dresses, shorts, sweaters, can always get a fantastic deal at the end of the season!  Also, they have those lovely little end caps that go through the center of the store that is their clearanced home goods.  AND the end caps in the bath/beauty/pets section where you can score nail polish, candles, and all kinds of other goodies. 

(As you can see, I am a Target PRO!)

But funny thing about those deals... You're getting such a great one, that you pick up more items, and before you know it, BAM! Target swoops another $100 from your account.  HOW DO THEY ALWAYS DO THAT?!  If I spend less than 50 bucks there, it's a freakin' miracle! 

Lately, I've been trying to keep a little closer eye on what I'm spending.  Thinking about the future, we're trying to put a little more money away for a future permanent dwelling (we've been renting together since I was 20 years old).  So we looked at our monthly money situation, and the one way I could save money??  NOT GOING TO *damn* TARGET and blowing money!  I don't really need any more jewelry or dresses, do I?

I've put myself on $100 fun spending for the month of June.  What does that mean?  AVOID TARGET AT ALL COSTS!  Or I'll never have fun until July ;) 

And I must share:  I had to go to Target for a prescription (which was free) and successfully walked out of there with ONLY a bottle of nail polish (for less than two dollars), a dish scrubber, and a salad.  Preeeetttttyyy sure that's the most personal restraint I've ever shown.  AND I was alone, so I didn't even have Mike to rely on. 

GO ME!  ...Sorry, I just had to say that.  Target is literally my pleasant nemesis.  It's like a nice little baby who poops on your silk top.  Suuuper cute, but quickly crushes your mood (after you drop a hundred bucks). 

Don't read me wrong.  I'm not saying I'm a shopping addict, or that Target sucks.  I'm saying that half of my wardrobe comes from Target, I always NEED those $5.38 clearance earrings, and I can't turn down an amazing deal (even if it doesn't fit right, or I'll only wear it once). 

Target's got their stuff figured out.  Clearance bags, hats and scarves as you walk in.  Brightly colored swimsuits and dresses come next.  And don't forget the whole adorable shoe section that is basically all under $30.  As you try to avoid that, there's beautiful baskets, picture frames, and kitchen must haves on your other side.  I can't even imagine having children, as I'm sure I could wreak some havoc on that section as well.  (I'm sure in a few years, that will be ANOTHER post.) 

So thank you, Target, for being AMAZINGLY AWESOME, and yet, thoroughly annoying the crap out of me by always winning the war.  {I will learn, I will learn, I will learn...}  We'll see you, come July.  I'm sure of that!

Does anyone else feel the same?!

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  1. Truly, we must be soul sisters. I relate to everything you said! I used to spend so. much. money at Target until I had to literally stop going there for a few months because it was getting out of control haha

    It's so hard to resist clearance items, especially when the price is reduced so much. Like you said, Target's got their stuff figured out :)