Monday, June 16, 2014

Where Do You Sleep?

For the first five years of our relationship, we slept in a full-sized bed.  FULL SIZED.  Like, smaller than a queen sizeMy husband is six-foot-three.  Picture THAT! 

It started in the fraternity house, where the bed was affixed to the wall and hung up with chains.  Classy, right?  It was better than my twin sized dorm bed, though.  I had to crawl up there from the top of the little refridgerator.  Or jump up there from a coffee table.  Fun stuff, when you're just over five feet tall! 

Then we moved in together and gratefully took a hand-me-down bed and frame from my family.  It had a headboard with little cupboards for storage and was easy to take apart for our several moves over the next few years.  It is slowly deteriorating from all of our moves, but it's still holding up!  The frame was originally my uncle's from who-knows-when. 

Enter:  Tax Return in 2013.  We found out that we were getting a nice amount back and decided to make our first "big kid" purchase (besides cars) and buy ourselves a new bed.  We never thought we would want a king size bed.  We always thought it would feel much too big.  But after a few test runs in stores, we decided, if we're going to spend the money, just GO BIG. 

And we'll never go back!  We ordered online (which saved some cash) and came away with a nice Sealy pillowtop and mattress protector delivered straight to our bedroom.  And in turn, our old bed became a nice addition to our guest bedroom, instead of my {very comfortable} futon from college. 

We missed the boat on becoming *real* grownups though...  We didn't purchase a bed frame because it was on backorder (and still haven't).  So our fancy king sized bed rests comfortably on our bedroom floor!  It doesn't bother us and it takes up less space, so until we buy a house, it will probably continue to reside on our carpeting :) 

We love having room to stretch out, have extra pillows, watch movies with snacks, etc. in our big bed.  And eventually, I know we'll love having space for pets and kids to snuggle up with in the future.

What about you?  Where do you sleep? 

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