Friday, June 27, 2014

Exploring the World of Lip Color

Bold lip color has really blown up over the last couple of years.  The problem is, I have very thin lips and my Cupid's Bow area is majorly lacking in shape.  I've been forever. 

I was a dancer until college and my mom, teachers, and eventually teammates were always perplexed by my lips.  I had no color in the peaks of my top lip, so if you put in lipstick, it looked ridiculous.  But otherwise my lips were so thin, the lipstick looked wierd anyway.  Not fun when you're already wearing obnoxiously bright makeup to make your face pop during performances. 

Fast forward to now.  I have been trying for 2-3 years to figure out lip color for me.  It's not something I actively work on, but it's definitely something I like to try.  It's been easiest for costumes or going out, because then I can wear an obnoxious red and not feel bad about it. 

Then, about a year ago, I got a full size balm stain in a Birchbox.  It looked a bit silly on me back then, but with recent personal style upgrade, I'm finally able to wear it.  DURING THE DAY!  And not look insane.  Insanely hot, maybe...

I generally like a stain more because if I'm going to wear lip color, I don't want to have to be reapplying it twenty times a day.  Annoying!  Mine is this Just Bitten Kissable balm stain by Revlon.  I love that it goes on as a balm and isn't too red or shiny.  I am able to wear it at work and reapply only once or twice during a whole day.  AND if I don't want to reapply, the stain just leaves my lips a little bit darker and fresh for the rest of the day.  EASY!

So here's a horrible picture to demonstrate my success.  The color definitely looks darker in person, but goes well with any outfit and is bold without being gaudy.  What do you think?
What are your go-to colors?  How do you find what works for you?  How do you feel about the bold trend?  

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