Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do You Wear a Fake Wedding Ring?

This weekend, I left my wedding ring at home.  Why?  Because I went to a music festival in the middle of a pasture in Nowhere, Texas.  With all the sunscreen, hand sanitizer, mini-biffs, dirt, and outdoor environment, I didn't feel like walking around with a few carats on my finger. 

Some people say:  "Your ring should fit well enough that you don't have to worry about it falling off."  And my ring fits great...on an every day basis.  But in the Texas summer, you don't want it too tight so that you're not uncomfortable when you "swell" up.  So I leave mine as is, which makes it a wee-bit loose when put with sunscreen, etc.

When I'm snokeling in Mexico, I'm not going to be wearing my ring!  We went kayaking a few weekends ago, and I didn't' wear my ring.  Maybe that's me being young, but messing with something so valuable to me doesn't seem worth it.  In fact, I didn't even wear my ring on our honeymoon, and it hasn't left the country since our engagement in 2011. 

Am I Alone in This? 

I know I'm not 100% crazy because back when we had cable, many of those "Real Housewives" had fake rings, with their real ones at home in the safe!  I'm not that cautious, but I also don't have an 8 carat ring...

I used to wear a small pearl ring my mom gave me a few years ago as a "placeholder" ring while my diamonds were at home.  Now, I even feel uncomfortable wearing that.  Meanwhile, Mike is walking around with a wedding ring on and a *beautiful* lady at his side without one.  Confusing, right?

Who likes walking around with no ring on?  Austin has a very large singles scene, and although I don't consider myself an old hag, I like to have it known that I am TAKEN {by the best guy ever}.  Let's just avoid those awkward conversation all together, shall we?

So after the festival this weekend, I'm considering getting a thin gold band to wear for such occassions.  A little something that I can wear a bit tighter, but is thin enough to be comfortable and non-distracting.   

I can't seem to find anything!  I've been perusing Etsy, Amazon, Zales, JCPenney...and not coming up with anything I like.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a simple band?  No stones, not too chintzy (that's how you spell that, FYI, I had to look it up), and not too expensive.  I'm thinking less than $100. 

I also have been digging on rose gold, and this would give me the perfect opportunity to try it out!  Maybe something like this?

How do you feel about placeholder rings?  Do you ever leave the house without your wedding ring?  How would you feel if you lost your ring?

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  1. not sure what youre looking for but something like this could work :)