Sunday, June 15, 2014

Should You Pay Extra for a Shellac Manicure?

When I was in college, I got my first set of acrylic nails (with a coupon, of course).  I liked the way they looked, but found them to be difficult for putting my contacts in, felt like they got dirty, and sometimes made my nails hurt.  The worst part came when I wanted them off.  I took them off myself and cried when I saw that my nails were completely ruined and unhealthy.  I have never gotten acrylics again.

For my wedding, I wore nails I bought at Icing for about seven dollars, and no one knew the difference. These caused A LOT less damage, were easier to wear (because you can choose your length), and were easier to take off.  BUT, they also popped off every now and then and didn't have smooth side edges.

And now, to shellac nails.  I love having my nails painted, but hate that even if I pay for a manicure, they chip immediately.  I decided to try a shellac manicure for our trip to Vegas in April.  I got a trusty Groupon for a shellac manicure AND a pedicure for $35.  Pretty fantastic deal if you ask me.

It is a base coat, two-three color coats, and a top coat.  With a one minute UV light sitting between each coat.  It takes no longer than a regular manicure.  And YES!!  It is totally worth it!  They tell you it will last for two weeks, and I was super skeptical.  I did every task at home that I normally do, plus took a trip to Las Vegas and my nails stayed chip free for over ten days.

My nails grow ridiculously fast, so I ended up taking the polish off after about ten days because the top edge showing bothered me.  If your nails do not grow so fast, you could easily keep your polish on for more than two weeks.

I didn't have any issues at all. They stayed super shiny, didn't lose color, and didn't chip at all!  I would highly recommend shellac nails for special occasions or a treat for yourself.

I took them off at home by slowly peeling the polish off my nail.  I know this isn't the greatest way, but it was quick and fairly harmless.  I buffed and shined up my nail afterward, and a day  later they were perfect and healthy.  MUCH less of a negative effect on your nails!

-Shiny Nails
-Chip Free for Weeks
-Fun Colors
-Safer for Nail Health
-Not Extremely Expensive
-No Worry, No Hassle


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