Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Memory Book

Last Christmas, my coworker gave me a few small gifts.  She always saved up little things throughout the year so she wouldn't have to do all her Christmas shopping at once (SMART!).  One thing I received this past year was a small notebook.  It is really colorful, but I wondered what I would use it for.  I put it in the small drawer on our coffee table. 

It made it through the move.  And then, I knew it had a purpose!

A Memory Book!  I totally made it up...but the small pages are perfect for jotting down all the fun little things we were experiencing.  I just put the date and whatever memorable thing we did that day.  I think so far there are probably 10-15 pages filled out. 

Since it is small and lives in our coffee table, we are easily reminded to write things down.  It doesn't take long, it was free, and it's cute!  I think this will be a super fun thing to look at many years from now. 

I would highly suggest treating yourself to a cute little notebook and writing down some memories.  It's not as intense as a journal or serious as a blog.  Anyone can do this!  Let me know what you try! 

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