Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wicked Disappointment

Today is Halloween, our first holiday in our new place.  Since we now live in a very residential area, and have a front door, we were THRILLED to be able to hand out candy to cute kids!  We are such nerds that asked the owners of our home what to expect.  We came home from work as quickly as possible.  We filled our bowl, lit the candles, lit the pumpkins, indulged on my delicious homemade ZESTY pumpkin seeds, turned on Hocus Pocus and dimmed the lights.


...Waiting.         Nothing.


I am SO depressed.  What a letdown!

In any case, it is still exciting for us :)  We had a fun night pretending to be grown ups.  We realized that this is Lola's third Halloween with us, which is also exciting.  She is a spaz and doesn't like to be held, therefore no costumes are allowed.  But we still like to make fun of her, hehe.

By the way, back to Hocus Pocus...why does that movie NEVER get old??  What a great movie, the definition of a classic!

Hope you all are having a fantastic evening, and welcome to NOVEMBER already!!

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  1. That sucks that you didn't have any trick or treaters, but on the bright side, at least you'll have lots of candy to enjoy whenever you have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying! Also, you can NEVER go wrong with Hocus Pocus! Definitely a classic :).