Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Couples Conundrum


Married life is fabulous.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I absolutely LOVE being a wife, having Mike as my husband, and our life together.  If only others would join us!  (If they're ready, of course.)

We attended a ton of weddings this summer, mostly people our age, which is great!  I am SO happy that we have friends who are married, but it seems that either one spouse works a lot, is never around, or is not a social person.  (I'm not speaking about anyone specifically here, promise!)  So, often it turns out with just "the wives" or just "the husbands" hanging out.  Fabulous, seriously. But I am really craving some couples interaction!  It sounds silly to say that I just want to go on a double-freaking-date, but it's TRUE!

Although we are major homebodies, we make a huge effort to see our friends as often as possible.  Especially after the wedding/funeral/summer/moving has calmed down, we are really making time for friends and enjoying time outside of ourselves.  The thing's either me with Mike's friends, him with mine, or hanging out with our own friends (which is TOTALLY necessary and we both take advantage of, I'm not saying to not do so!).  But...I really want to hang out as US, the married couple...with OTHER married couples!  I'm not saying that marriage changes your dynamic, makes you special, blah blah, but there's something about that union and commitment that others cannot relate to.  I want to have a married conversation.  Call me crazy, is anyone else getting me right now?

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  1. Hi! My name is Anna... I am one of your friends and I am married. My husband and I would LOVE to hangout with you and your husband some time! ;)