Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Couples Photos - Minnesota Photography

Since moving to Austin, most of our pictures contain us from the chest up - with different backgrounds.  Mike gets a little annoyed sometimes...but I love to document what we're up to.  I take a lot of pictures.  I love having pictures of us and being able to look back on how we've changed.  I've always been pretty photogenic, and although Mike is a super-blinker, he's gotten used to being dragged in front of my changing lenses over the years.

During our visit to Minnesota, we carved out a quick hour for a photo shoot.  I wanted some great couples photos of us, because we haven't had any since our wedding.  I was never crazy about our engagement pictures, so I wanted some of us just having a good time.  Since our engagement pictures were in the city, so we opted to do these pictures out in the country {where we're finding that our hearts are being pulled}.

I was lucky enough to book Jessica as our photographer on short notice.  She is the owner of Jaylee Design and Photo.  She was nice enough to take an hour with us on a Sunday and put together a great shoot.  She was SO EASY to work with and made the time go quickly.  Mike didn't grumble too much, and we were so excited to see our photos when we got back to Austin.

Jessica worked super quickly on editing our photos and we were so pleased with the results.  She made us look dang good!  Her prices were extremely accessible, and her attitude made the shoot fabulous.  Unlike many photographers, she edits a lot of your photos and provides you with a release for all of your photos as well!

I would definitely recommend using Jaylee Design and Photo for your next desired shoot.  I can tell she would be great with kids and definitely made us feel at ease.  I can't wait to use her for our next notable event :)

Here are some of our photos!

Forgive the squinty eyes...since our schedule was so crammed, we had to do our shoot with the sun higher than is preferred.  We still love them!

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