Saturday, March 2, 2013

Josh and Kindra come to AV!

The weekend following VDay, we had visitors at our house!  Friday night, we picked up Zach in Minneapolis and headed downtown to meet up with Josh & Kindra (who we haven't seen in forever)!  Josh was the best man in our wedding and we have hardly seen them since then.  They were down for a Wild Game and a fun weekend.

I sober cabbed and kept it low key for the night, but it was so great to be spending time with mature, non-dramatic, fun friends.  Kindra and I got on the fast track to being better friends and the guys talked about beer and home renovations....awhh we're all so grown up!  Haha!

Saturday early morning I had a physical at the doctor's office.  Joy.  Those are so awkward!  "Do you feel safe at home?"  Yes, yes I do.  I know they have to ask, but it just feels so silly sometimes.  At least they didn't make me do the weird crap like walking on your heels.

Anywho, Saturday turned upward after Josh and Kindra came over and we headed to Stillwater area!  For as long as we've lived here, we've never visited, and it is SO CUTE!  I definitely want to go back when it is warm out.  We went to a tour at Lift Bridge Brewery, which was really informative and fun. Not to mention, free beer!  We tried to visit another brewery, which was closed without notice for "licensing issues".  WOW, thanks for NOT HAVING A WORD about it on your website that we checked the night before!  Grr.

That was strike one for us, with more to come.  We went to The Nova in Hudson, WI next.  It was Kindra's first time to WISCONSIN! It is literally right across the river and it is SUCH a cute little place.  The decor is insanely cool and the servers are quirky.  Food was spendy, but we already had dinner plans, so they just had a few beers.  If you have a chance to visit, this is a super cute place for a date or a girls date.  One more success for the day...followed by another strike.  We had dinner plans at a 3-level bar recommended by a friend.  After taking forever to find a place to park, we found out it had an hour long wait!  Uh, thank you.

Cute paper flowers at The Nova
By this point, we just wanted to be back on our home turf, so we headed back to AV.  Restaurants and bars all had a ridiculous wait for some reason, so we ended up waiting a bit and eating at Rascal's.  After another parking fiasco.  This place looks crappy on the outside, but is nice inside and the food (not the service) is pretty great!

Our day had lots of ups and downs, but we all went right along with it.  Since nothing was set in stone, we tried new things, improvised, and had a blast doing it.  That is the sign of a good friendship.  It was also so nice to spend time with a couple so that everyone was included and feeling great.  We ended the night watching comedy on our Roku, and I believe we were all in bed before midnight!

THANK YOU to Josh and Kindra for spending a fun weekend with us and making it memorable!  Can't wait to see you again soon!!

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