Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Travels

I did some traveling.  Which was awesome, exhausting, expensive, and FABULOUS.

I spent a 4 day weekend in Maryland visiting the only cousin I have my age.  She grew up out East so we only got to see each other every 5 years growing up.  We've never been ridiculously close, but when we're together, we make it a GREAT time!

I got a fantastic deal on a flight out to MD so I jumped on it and made it happen.  Not a lot of our family (my dad has 10 brothers and sisters, mind you) has been out to see them, so it really felt good to go see their stomping grounds.  My cousin lives in College Park/Silver Spring right outside DC.  NEWSFLASH:  I did not realize how close together the states are out there.  She can be in like 4 different states within an hour.  Crazy talk.  We spent our days in DC being tourists and having a blast.

Highlights:  Eating at a food truck, The Holocaust Museum, walking everywhere and using public transit, the ZOO, meeting her boyfriend, the Newseum, carrot cake cupcakes, catching up, and spending time with her roomies, friends, and family!

*I would like to recommend The Newseum if you are travelling to DC.  It is a bit expensive, but it is a 2 day pass and it is unlike to usual museum.  The exhibits are great, and all focused on news, stories, journalists, etc.  All around the world and all types of events.  The had pieces of the Berlin Wall, the antenna from one of the World Trade Centers, tons of artifacts, and just general information you don't see at your average museum.

Policy School Happy Hour at The Meridian Pint
Cupcakes at Sticky Fingers (They were on Cupcake Wars)
View from the roof of The Newseum
Elephants at the Zoo (They have pandas, too!)
The INFAMOUS Carrot Cake
I happened to inadvertently plan the best time to visit.  It was Aria's birthday, and her sister was in town for a dentist appointment.  I was lucky to have dinner with the whole family and Aria's boyfriend on Saturday night at Fogo de Chao courtesy of Uncle Ben.  We filled up on amazing food and delicous  wine.  We also got to bring home the oh-so-coveted CARROT CAKE cupcakes.  Sound strange?  You've never had my Aunt Sara's carrot cake.  It is literally to die for.  My family will hurt each other for the last piece.  But we got 8ish cupcakes all to ourselves.  Fantastic.  The definition of NOM.  (Currently drooling, by the way)

My trip was awesome.  It was a bit cold, due to the winter storms out East that weekend, but we stayed dry, and my flights were on time!  It was so fun to go out there and try something new.  I will definitely be going to visit again.  We had lots of goodies, drinks at fun bars, made memories, and it was a great time!

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  1. So glad you had a good time! Can't wait to hear more about it in person!