Monday, February 4, 2013

SBPR 2013

I suppose I should tell you about our trip to Mexico, eh?  We spent 5 days just north of Puerto Vallarta in the city of Nuevo Vallarta.  Mike's small company takes everyone on a trip (one guest included) each year for their "Strategic Business Planning Retreat" AKA have a few meetings, plan for the year, and bond with each other.  Over late nights and lots of alcohol.

It really is a great way for everyone to spend time together outside of work.  And, of course, it is nice that spouses/SO's (that's what they call significant others) get to join and spend time with everyone as well.  They really pride themselves on a family atmosphere.  Many of them actually are family, and most people have known each other for years.  It's a great place and I'm really glad Mike ended up there.  Fun fact:  I'm the youngest person (besides kids).  Always fun, right?

We left on Thursday and returned on Monday.  5 days of straight sunshine, free drinks, sub-par food, and lots of stories.  We took it easy this year and didn't do any "excursioning".  Last year we went to some ruins, cliff jumping, snorkeling...crazy stuff.  This year we relaxed.  On company time and company money.  Woohoo!

We spent time on the beach, read books, walked on the shore.  So nice.  On Friday we went to a nearby town with another young married couple and a young single guy.  We were taxied to a restaurant...and ended up drinking, eating, and chatting for over 6 hours before heading home.  It was such a great time to unwind.  We all walked home on the beach in the dark.  It took forever, but I always remember those long walks.  I have walked home from downtown Oslo and downtown Minneapolis for over 3 miles at 3 in the morning.  I'll never forget those times, and I'm adding this one to the stack.

Lots of margaritas over 15 total
Saturday we did a company outing to go whale watching on a sailboat.  The crew was great and it was very informative as well as fun and crazy.  It was a bummer that I didn't feel that great :(  I think I'm starting to become more prone to motion sickness.  Ugh.  But we saw lots of whales and baby whales too.  There was also a great view of the mountains.

On the last evening and last morning, Mike and I played shuffleboard.  It. Was. Fantastic.  New favorite thing.  We had such a blast and it was really fun to do something new together.  

It was a great vacation and we really enjoyed the relaxing time together.  I am so happy with my relationship and feel so lucky to have Mike in my life.  Here's to many more years!

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