Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of: Django Django Live

Saturday, March 16th we went to the Django Django concert at First Avenue.  I really love this band and tickets were only $15 so I sprung at the chance!  This is their first album and I love the whole damn thing.  They are from the UK, too, which means they also have delicious accents.  They missed St. Paddy's Day in Ireland to come party in Minneapolis and MAKE MY DAY!

Being it was a holiday weekend, we figured downtown would be insane, but we snuck in to our trusty $5 parking ramp and got to First Ave about 30 minutes after doors.  We got a great spot on the main floor right on a step (perfect for shorty-me who doesn't enjoy concerts because I'm so short!).  There was a guy with his daughter and her friend next to us.  He had to go to the front to get his friend, asked us to watch them (for like 2 minutes) and bought us each a beer!  Score!

The opening band was Night Moves from Minneapolis.  You can check them out here.  They were pretty good, Mike really enjoyed them.  Also, the lead singer looked freakishly like our friend Jake, and each of us thought that before telling each other.

The main event, Django Django, was AMAZING.  I was really looking forward to the show because they have a lots of electronic sounds, their voices blend so well, and I knew it would be high energy.  The crowd was fantastic.  It was sold out, but not too crowded.  I could see the whole time (plus!).  And everyone was SO into it.  Including the band.  They never stopped smiling and you could tell they were truly enjoying themselves.  Every once in a while they would throw their hands up and just soak up the energy in the room.  I never stopped moving because the beats kept going.  It was a freaking BLAST!

Their light show was really unique..simple, but captivating.  They play so many different instruments, a lot of percussion.  A few times, the lead singer played a floor tom, not something you see very often.  The keyboardist had about 7 different keyboards and would join the drummer on the drum kit every now and then.  They were a cohesive, interesting, and passionate group.

This is one of my top 3 shows, ever.  I cannot WAIT to hear what their next album will sound like.  The best part of this show was that, since they only have one album, they played every song.  You didn't have to hope they would play your favorite song, because they played them ALL!  YESSSS!!

Did I mention I looked fabulous?!  I don't often care what I look like, but usually when we go out, I like to look nice.  And I did :)

Boots from Norway :)
You should go to a new show soon.  Enjoy some live music.  Try a new genre.  Give it a chance!  
Django Django may seem a bit strange at first, but I can listen to them on repeat for hours.  

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  1. You look very cute! And you have great taste, I have that dress too ;)!