Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mankato Never Changes, I'll Be Forever Young

I spent another crazy night in Mankato last weekend.  If by best friend Carmen wasn't there, I would have banned myself from that place a long time ago.  We (Litchfield HS people) go down there for special events and get out of control.  Usually it ends alright, but let's just say...we have our stories!

Carmen invited us down for a Hairball concert, and of course, I couldn't say no!  It snowed like crazy, but weather permitted for me to get down there and Kirsten and Dani made it as well.  We pre-gamed, got rocker glammed and had a freaking blast at the concert.  I will never forget the people looking and laughing at us as we danced our asses off.  We really get into this stuff.  Especially Carmen, which is why I love her so much!

The night was young and we continued with many drinks and more shots than I should have been allowed.  I've never been a person to say "I'm never drinking again!" but damn....that hangover sucked!  And then I had to drive myself back to the twin cities.  And sleep for a few hours before I became remotely functional.  Kirsten had the same results.

It was such a fun time, but man, I can't party like I used to!!  Especially if Carmen and Kirsten are involved!  I have such a fun lifetime ahead of me with these ladies in my life.

CHEERS, ladies!  To never feeling old and staying forever young! 

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