Thursday, October 31, 2013

Work Woes

Come one, come all!!  I'm inviting you to my pity party.   On my blog, and in life, I do a pretty dang good job of staying positive.  But right now...I'm having a really hard time.

This mainly stems from work.  We spend more time at our jobs than we do with our spouses, so if work isn't going great, it can really ruin your week.  And my week has sucked so far.

If you've read the news lately, Wells Fargo has being doing some major layoffs.  Until recently, my department has been left untouched.  We are a high end department, and tend to have the feeling that we're always safe.

Well two weeks ago, it happened.  Thank GOODNESS my job is currently safe, but 4 of my underwriters got 60 days notice.  And, very conveniently, my manager was away on work travel.  Our team is 90% female, which obviously led to a few tears, plenty of emotion, and a rough rest of the week.

Things have been all off kilter since then.  The next day, all temporary employees got 60 day notice as well, but they have been slowly letting them go.  One of my closers leaves tomorrow :(


Last Friday, I got a heads up that my old manager was going to be taking my job.  WHAT?!  He in infamous for spreading his imaginary plans, so I tried to convince myself it wasn't going to happen.  After restless sleep, an anxiety meltdown at work on Monday, I talked to my manager.  Who informed me that I am switching teams and our whole department is getting reorganized.  AND, confirmed as of today, my old supervisor is taking my current position.

What in the eff?!  On one hand, it's funny, because he's getting demoted.  On the other, it literally makes no sense for our department the way they are rearranging the people who share my position.  On the third hand (yep, this is a weird creature), it pisses me off!!

BUT, I'll end it there and say that I am moving to a new team, a new manager, and a new horizon. Tomorrow.  Like that positivity???  I'm trying really hard here.  Maybe it has to do with the wine...

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