Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Friend time, Surprises, Weddings!

The day after the junk market, I got up early to meet an old friend for coffee in Minneapolis.  She is a friend from high school. We lost touch (with a mini-falling-out), but I recently cleared the table for us and we're starting fresh!  It feels great, as she was one of my best friends and I need her back in my life.  We met at Bull Run Coffee Bar on a sunny morning.  In order to take in the last precious days, we spent our time on the patio.  This is a great shop and I would definitely recommend checking it out!  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous for our coffee date, but it went so flawlessly, that 4.5 hours later, my husband was wondering where I was!  It was a fantastic time, and I'm so glad to have rekindled our friendship.  I also got a nice sunburn :)

Friday boasted a momentous occasion...MY BEST FRIEND TURNED 25!!  For the past few months, her boyfriend and I had been scheming for a surprise dinner.  Although she was suspicious, we pulled it off!  She was so clueless, she didn't even see all of us sitting at the table or the balloons on her chair! We all enjoyed fabulous Benihana, stories, and some beverages.  Ashley's not one to celebrate or be selfish, so I wanted to make sure this birthday didn't slip by un-celebrated!  Thanks to everyone that came and helped out!

:Our Group:
My Bestie on her birthday

Amazing green tea for dessert
The next morning, we were up early to head back to Monticello to pick up Ashley and Kevin.  We trekked 3.5 hours north near Walker, MN to celebrate our sorority sister's wedding.  The weather was a bit cold, but we managed to warm up by checking out the local craft brewery, Leech Lake Brewing. It is the smallest we've ever visited, but worth a stop.  After the ceremony, we used our 5$ vouchers at the casino, and Mike and I managed to pocket over $20.  That's big money in my world!  We had a great time with college friends, and celebrating Jake and Alison's love after 9.5 years!!

Mrs. Premo
Sorority Sisters

I love spending time with my friends, and I'm trying to get as much of it in as I can before it gets cold out!!  Take time to make memories.

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