Saturday, September 21, 2013

Junk Market / Thrifting / Swap Meet Adventures

Last weekend while running errands, we saw a sign on the road for a junk market.  I was so excited and looked forward to it all week.  We used to go to the swap meet in Annandale almost every Saturday growing up.  Every once in a while, we would even sell stuff, but that wasn't as fun.

I have memories of 50¢ Amish moonie pies (aka whoopie pies, but these were ah-mah-zing and impossible to duplicate), snow cones, TY beanie babies, looking at the puppies, and I even got a bunny named Sunny once.  My dad love auctions, junk, and having his garage full of STUFF.  My mom likes decorating, old things, and furniture.  I realize now...I'm turning into my parents!

This is getting scary, y'all!!

Mike told me in the middle of this week not to get my hopes up {I was realllly excited} and he didn't want me to be disappointed.  Sometimes I get a little overzealous.  I told him we were getting up at 8am to get the good stuff.  He HATES getting up early on the weekends...his response...
"I'll go whenever you want to go, honey."  GAWD I love him!  Seriously, so lucky.

So this morning, we were out of the house before 9am, and headed to the "junk market".
It.was.AWESOME!  After my mini vintage-hunting with my mom over labor day weekend, I've been itching to shop at anything other than an actual store.  This was in a parking lot, the weather was beyond amazing, and after only 2 hours, less than $40, including some sweet edibles and coffee, we were headed home with some sweet scores!

There were vendors (Norwex, Mary Kay...which I avoided), small vendors with garage sale/personal things, and small businesses such as jewelry makers, purses, etc.  Pretty much everything you could ask for. I had my eye out for decorative things for the house, furniture, and jewelry.  I did pretty well!

I also got some cards and flyers for upcoming barn sales, more markets, and store fronts to check out. If you are interested, let me know, and we can go shopping together!  But seriously, I'm going to a barn sale on October 19th if you'd like to join me.  I talked to a lot of owners and made some connections to keep my eyes on this little world of "junkers".  I think I found a new hobby!

I couldn't wait to get home and tell my mom about our adventure.  Her and my dad taught me to haggle, and I almost went all out when I saw a lady with the vintage wine box I had my eyes on.  It's common to buy items even from other customers, something my mom does all the time!

It's been hard to find good places to "shop" around here, but now I'm ready to roll.  Too bad the season's almost over!  I'll be more prepared for next summer.  I now have my mom going to a barn sale for me next weekend, because I'll be up north at a wedding.  She knows what I like, and she got me into it, so I'm sure she'll find us some good stuff!

We also got side-tracked to an estate sale.  By this time it was almost noon, so it was pretty picked over, but we found a few things, and now we have another thing to keep our eyes out for!

Here are some pictures:

Part of a business couple's sign for their company
A glimpse of the action
Food truck, best wontons of my life!
Some of my loot.  Mostly decorative things, but jewelry and a wallet as well!
Handmade glass jewelry
If you are interested in any of the local businesses, or would like to join me next time, just ask!

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