Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wisconsin Camping Trip

I haven't blogged in ages.  Almost a month...
My bad.

While winding down summer, it's been hard to sit and contemplate a new post.  I have a few on the horizon.  Until then, I will recount some of my adventures.

In August, I planned a surprise camping trip to Wisconsin for Mike and I.  I told him to take off work, and did everything for preparation by myself.  I'm very proud of that because I SUCK at surprises and I always want to tell Mike what's going on.  When you live with someone, it's hard not to share your excitement!  I arranged a bunny sitter, bought some necessities, planned meals, and made all the reservations.

I guess you could say the trip was inspired by my URBAN GLAMPING night.  Check that post out HERE.  I also grew up camping tons of weekends in the summer and have been missing it.  We have gotten some gear for gifts and I wanted to put it to good use.  Plus, who doesn't want to spend a weekend in the woods with their new hubby?!

I reserved two nights at Interstate State Park in Wisconsin, and one night at Pleasant Lake B&B.  I would suggest both accommodations, especially the B&B.  I must say, I rock at planning getaways. The campsite we got was on the end of it's own culdesac, very private, and had its own trails right to the river.  It was really big and a great site.

Starting the weekend!
Huge site!
Camping life.
We arrived Thursday night, set up camp, started a fire, and commenced with drinking and s'mores. Yes, I had s'mores before dinner.  I had to get in as many as I could!  We had hobo dinners, more s'mores, and played mancala.  We also slept on a twin air mattress, because our tent is only 5x7! We've slept in many small beds in our time, so we made it work.  It was cool at night, so snuggling was a good way to warm up.

S'mores all day.
Over the course of the weekend, we visited a few wineries, Wild Mountain for the alpine slide, took in Franconia Sculpture Park, ate at a few outdoor restaurants, enjoyed ice cream from the ice cream shop, hiked, played bags in our campsite, read, and enjoyed spending time together away from work, home, and internet.  I absolutely loved it.   

Hiking at the Dalles
Hiking, awesome trails there!
Watching the sun set at the vineyard
My lovely man

At the river right by our campsite

I hope you get this reference!
Franconia, amazing place!

The bed and breakfast was our first time at one.  Rich and Char were great, and my favorite part was the lake.  There are only about 5 houses on it, and you can use their paddle boat any time you want. We spent an hour out there, watching the sun go down, floating, talking to the fishies, and enjoying each other's company. We followed that with a 30 minute soak in their double whirlpool tub.  I literally had to hold on to the sides because it was so big.  It felt fantastic, especially after camping, hiking, and sleeping in a tent!

After dinner in town, we had one of my favorite moments together in over five years.  We sat on our balcony in the moonlight, under a blanket, looking at the lake, and drank a bottle of wine.  It was SO peaceful, romantic, and memorable for me.  I won't forget that night...just being together, talking quietly, enjoying some red wine.  Perfect.  Remember to make special moments with your husband!

The next day, we had breakfast at the house, which was delicious, and fun talking with our housemates and 'innkeepers'.  We went into town to see the waterfall, and took the backroads home.

It was a fantastic weekend, with perfect weather, fun activities, wine (what could be better), being outdoors, being out of the city, and being together.  I love my man, and spending time doing something a little different was a perfect way to become even closer.

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