Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Decorating - I Love my Grandma

I used to hate decorating for holidays and seasons.  Last year, Mike guilted me into decorating for Halloween in case we had trick or treaters...of which there were none.  You can read about that disappointment HERE.  Then, I was made to set up the Christmas tree...what a drag.  My family calls me a grinch.

BUT, after a "shopping trip" through my grandma's closet, I got inspiration and had Christmas snowmen and Santas all over the house by December.  I even got a few cute things at Walgreens, of all places.

So this year, I was excited to get set up for Halloween.  I was home last weekend, and my mom had a bounty of decor of which my grandma had tired of and passed along to her.  As usual, some of it was hideous, but some of it rocks!  I went home with two Pier One bags full of goodies.

(Side thought:  as I'm typing this, I'm thinking from now on, I should take everything my mom doesn't want, and then I can have people over to shop at my house!  Thoughts?)

We got home Sunday evening, and after unpacking, finishing the laundry, and having dinner, I got out the decorations.  I just have our main floor decorated, but that's good enough for me!

Added fall flowers to my red vase
Dining room table.  I'm OBSESSED with that pumpkin!
Coffee table.  Note the new owl :)  And my orchid.  
I moved these to the TV stand
Added some new foliage to my jug (it used to have peacock feathers)

It's feeling like fall around here.  I wore my mint capris to work today to try to eek out these last few warm days.  I LOVE fall!  Snuggling up, warm drinks, blankets, bonfires, leaves...all the good stuff.  Enjoy it before the cold comes!!

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