Thursday, October 10, 2013

My First Work Trip - Pennsylvania

A few weeks ago my manager slinked into my cube and started talking really quietly.  I thought I was getting canned.  We have a lot of stuff going down at work (reorganizing, downsizing, layoffs, etc) so I was a bit worried.

Much to my surprise, he asked me to travel to Philly with him to train a new site! I was thrilled, as people in my position don't get asked to travel.  We always hold the team down on site.  I of course said yes and asked for details.  Of which, he had none.  Things were very under wraps, confidential, and still in the works.  Not my style, if you know me!

The first week of October, I hopped on a plane with my manger, a lending officer, and 2 change team trainers.  We arrived midday and headed to our hotel in Chester, PA.  AKA--ghost town.  This town is basically dead, washed up, and the population has halved in less than a half century.  BUT, our hotel was nice!!  

We had Philly cheese-steaks for dinner, followed by free drinks and a fire on the patio, courtesy of hotel management.  AWESOME.  It was a good way to start the trip!  

The next two mornings, I was up at 6, which is SUPER EARLY for me.  But worth it to try something new.  We trained the new team for two days, had awesome lunches, met some colleagues, told stories, gambled at Harrah's, and had a great time.  

Traveling is exhausting, and of course I came back to a s#it-show on Friday, as my backups weren't exactly proficient in covering while I was away.  I was asked to travel to Florida in a few weeks to train a new site there as well.  Yay me!  It is a fun experience, but I''m glad I don't always travel for work.  I miss being home, my normal schedule, and eating home cooked meals.  Props to all those traveling workers out there, it's hard work!!

Bridge to Jersey
My mom is awesome
Drinking on the job 

Dogfish Head
We worked in an old electric building

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