Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Sweet & Salty Snack Mix

I do not like candy corn.  Pure sugar, grainy, super sweet.  Never been a fan of it.  Mike loves it, of course.  Hah!  If you were at our wedding, you know our eating habits positively compliment each other (I like white meat, he likes dark meat, for example). 
About two years ago, my mom introduced me to a wonderful fall snack mix.  It had candy corn in it.  I avoided it all together...but eventually couldn't hold myself back from a treat.  Alone, the items included are nothing special.  But a pretzel with a candy corn for some reason tastes delicious.  And we all know that chocolate and anything is 100% enjoyable. 
I had a few ladies over for some wine last week and with the addition of some homemade fall d├ęcor (posts to come soon), I wanted some fall treats as well.  And I remembered this delicious mix of awesomeness. 
1 12.6 ounce bag of M&Ms (I used chocolate, but you could be adventurous on this)
1 canister of peanuts (I used unsalted)
1 bag of pretzels (I used twists)
1 bag of candy corn
Add to festive bowl.  STIR!
**I eyeballed my ingredients when dumping them in to the bowl.  I ended up using the whole bag of M&Ms, about 1/3 canister of peanuts, half the candy corn, and 1/3 bag of pretzels.  Essentially, you can make the mix heavy on whichever ingredient you prefer.  My mix made a large glass bowl that after the fact fit into three to four sandwich bags.  And I had lots of the separate ingredients left over, save the M&Ms.   
We each took a bag to work the next day.  I pulled out this lovely glass dish I got from my grandma and set it on my desk with a little gift tag (found at Target).  I also sent a bag full to one of my coworkers who said she loved this stuff!  She managed to make it last two days.  Meanwhile, coworkers who often walk by my desk were very happy to have a little treat to indulge on!

It made me feel great to share a little love.  Have you tried this mix before?  I highly recommend it.  Delicious and very cheap!

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