Monday, November 10, 2014

Tassel Garland - Easy At Home!

After decorating for fall this year with my usual goods, I decided I needed a little more.  The house needed an extra oomph.  And since I don't particularly like the house we're renting right now, I though it deserved a project to pretty it up a bit. 
I've been crushing on tassel garlands lately.  I love the look when they're hung over a bed, an old buffet, for birthday parties or showers, pretty much anywhere.  We have two massive windows in our living room that have no curtains, and those ugly 50¢ curtain rods that our landlord's "contractor" so beautifully installed over the GIGANTIC holes in the wall from when the previous owner clearly ripped their curtain rods out of the wall. You can see I'm really happy about this...I digress.
I decided to make a yarn garland to add some color to the space and make me a bit happier.  I did a quick search and used THIS post as a guide.  You can also make garlands from strips of fabric or tissue paper as well.  For storage, price, and longevity, I chose to use yarn. 
A quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I picked up some yarn on sale, obviously.  I purchased four bundles total and have PLENTY left over.  I am going to buy a different color around Christmas time and swap out some of the tassels.  How's that for a transitioning piece?!
This project took a little bit of time and patience, but requires hardly any supplies and is very satisfying to finish!
::You'll Need::
Yarn (or fabric strips, or tissue paper)
Something to wrap yarn around
Ruler (optional)
Choose an object to wrap around that is the length you will want your tassels.  I chose this cardboard envelope that I received my awesome Snail Mail Designs cards in.  I believe it was about nine inches across.  The size will depend on the space you will be hanging your tassels in. 

Begin with one end of your yarn at an edge and then wrap a determined amount of times until your tassel is the thickness you would like it.  I wrapped each of mine 35 times.  Remember to start and end your wrapping at the same edge and cut your yarn when you are finished wrapping.

Gently slide your whole bundle off of your wrapping object.  Cut a small piece of yarn and tie it four times around the top end of your tassel.  This must be the end opposite of your loose ends (where you started and ended wrapping).

Then CUT your bundle on the end opposite of where you just tied.  Again, this should be the end with your loose strings. 

Trim your tails from your knot at the top of the tassel.

Flip knot inside of your tassel.  Basically, fold your tassel in half.

Take another small string and tie four knots around the top of your tassel.  Making a bulb-like shape at the top of your tassel. 

Trim your ends on that tie as well.  Turn over your tassel so the little knot is at the back.

TA-DAH!  You've made your first tassel!

Repeat until you have the appropriate amount of tassels for your space. 

Then thread the garland string through the top of all of your tassels.  I used a citrus scorer to pull the yarn through.  Depending upon the material you are using, this could be easy or difficult.  Make sure to leave enough space in your "bulb" to pull through your hanging string. 

And HANG!!

Again, my house has HORRIBLE lighting, excuse the drab pictures. 

I absolutely LOVE this garland.  I plan to swap out the orange color for green when it gets closer to Christmas time.  I did this project slowly over a weekend, but it shouldn't take you too long to finish.

It is also something you could work on with kids.  Just have them wrap the yarn, and you can help with tying the knots and using the scissors.  They can even make one for their own room!

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I love this tassel garland! The tassels look really simple to make and so festive!! And the best part is you could make this for any occasion by just using different colored yarn! :)