Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Card Storage Box - Organize Your Greeting Cards

I have a four level cheapy shelf in my storage closet at home.  It's pretty hideous, but since it's tucked away and mighty helpful, I use it to organize the masses of junk in there.  This includes medicines, bedding, books, craft supplies, iron and ironing board, etc.  Yeah...that closet
I know you have one.  And yours might look a little more organized than mine.  I had all of my cards scattered on one of the shelves.  This led to cards sliding off and slipping all over when I wanted to send one.  Hey, at least they were all in one place!
A few weeks ago, I was looking around the edges of Hobby Lobby for clearance finds, and came across this adorable vintage floral print photo box.  At less than two dollars, I couldn't pass it up, but needed a use in mind for it.  MY CARDS!  I took it home and immediately gave my mess of cards an organized resting place. 

First, I sorted them in to occasions:  Thank You, Congrats, Hello, etc.  Then I placed them in my lovely box!  Now, all of my cards sit nicely organized on my ugly shelf.  Next time you see a photo box on sale, snatch it up!

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