Saturday, April 19, 2014

Should You Fly Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines is a super-budget airline that flies mostly to larger vacation destinations.  Here in Austin, our only destination is Las Vegas, NV.  You can see their routes here.  So...although we can't fly home on the cheap, we could still fulfill our plans to celebrate my 25th birthday in Vegas!

Our flights were about $150 round trip (that included BOTH of us)!  Super-dee-duper cheapo.  So what's the catch?  You pay for everything from your carry-on, to your leg room, to your assigned seat, to your water/refreshments in the air.

We decided to check one large bag (50$), and then you each get a free "personal item" which is NOT a carry-on (you have to pay for those).  We each took a backpack and I made sure there was room for my purse in my back pack.  Also, check in at 24 hours on-the-dot or you will not be seated together.  Unless, of course, you pay to choose your seats when you purchase your tickets.  Lastly, bring your own water and snacks so you have a bit of comfort on the dry, bumpy ride.  

THE NEGATIVES:  the whole process is a bit uncomfortable.  They start boarding a full hour ahead of takeoff.  AKA-it takes forever.  They are pushy about boarding zones, but allowed a passenger in front of us to carry-on a full size suitcase.  Pretty frustrating when you're paying for everything.  On our flight back, they literally had eight employees behind the counter in the airport...figure it out people!  The leg room is MINIMAL!  Mike's knees were pushing in to the seat in front of him.  Luckily for him, the seats DO NOT RECLINE...but it also makes the ride a bit uncomfortable.  They don't have the fans/vents for air on you, so there's no way to cool down.  Everything aboard the plane costs you something.  You will not be served water, drinks, or snacks for free.  BUT, thankfully, the restrooms are free :) !

The flights there and back were also the worst flights I've ever had in terms of turbulence.  We haven't yet figured out if it was because of the windy southwest, the pilots, or the fact that they seated us in the back of the plane.  By the time we landed in Vegas, I had just about thrown up (literally, I had the waves of heat running over me) and could not wait to get off that plane.

The transportation all-in-all cost $299; this included baggage, round-trip shuttle to and from our hotel, fees, and a $24 discount for using a debit card.  You can't really go wrong with that amount for flights to Vegas, BUT if you are a picky traveler, save yourself the frustration and fly with another airline.  ALSO--skip the shuttle, seriously.  First off, it was cheaper by $4 at the airport, AND we had to wait in line for an hour to get on one (more on that in my next post).

Allegiant Airlines is budget in all aspects of the term.  You will save on your flight, but will get nickel-and-dimed along the way.  Be sure to investigate other airline prices, knowing that you may not have to pay for everything if you fly with a different carrier.

Happy Travels!

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