Monday, April 28, 2014

Mirror Frame Chalkboard Rehab

Last week there must have been a city wide junk removal.  Tons of people had piles of stuff out on the curb near their trash cans.  Naturally, I had my eyes peeled for goodies and possible projects! 

On the way home, I spotted a huge frame stood up against a tree.  Like, HUGE FRAME.  It is probably six feet tall and has about a six inch frame on it.  Since it was so large, I dropped Mike on the side of the road to carry it around the corner to our house.  Helpful little hubby, he is!

I think this frame used to be for a large mirror that broke.  The frame itself is in fantastic condition and the thought that someone threw it out was mindblowing!  I immediately thought to make it in to a chalkboard, but put out a request for other ideas.  These included, putting fabric inside, using it as a large picture frame, adding chicken wire, corkboard, etc.  All are great ideas and ones you can use!

I decided to stay with my original idea for now, and I can always redo the frame again in the future.  It will likely be a never-ending project, which is exciting for a zero dollar investment!  I did some small sanding on the frame with a fine sandpaper, just to take the snags out of the wood.  I then wiped it down with a wet sponge to clean it up.  EASY.

I headed to Wal-Mart to purchase some chalkboard paint.  I bought the Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Spray for under $4.  I have been opting for spray paint a little more often lately because it's just EASIER and often takes much less time to dry.  And, okay...I'm lazy.

I also miraculously remembered to buy CHALK!!  Wouldn't that have been a bummer?  I got an awesome pack of Crayola chalk for under $3!  I'm also hoping to jazz up either our driveway or our back patio at some point this summer :)  {Again, we are kids at heart.}

All I did was take the backing of the frame out (just like the backing for a picture frame) and lay it down on my dropcloth.  I sprayed two heavy layers on it in the course of about an hour.  I then let it dry overnight.

The next day, I "primed" the surface by completely coating it with chalk and then wiping it off again (as per instructions on the can).  I have to say, the insert had a few scratches which led to a not-perfect canvas, but I'm all about character!  I took to Pinterest for some quote inspirations and used my non-creative hand to "deck the walls". 

"Listen to Tour Heart, Even if it Takes You to Texas"
This project was extremely quick, easy, and CHEAPCould you ask for anything more to add a large decor piece to your home?  We have it in our dining room right now and I know it will look even better in our future home! 
Don't pass up a little "driveway diving".  People throw out nice things that creative minds can repurpose in to something beatiful!  Eventually, I see myself painting the frame and redoing the center with something a bit more creative.  For now, I am happy with my MASSIVE chalkboard for under TEN DOLLARS!

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