Friday, April 4, 2014

Jute Monogram Letter {At Home}

I had a little craft weekend several months ago and realized I never blogged about it!  I was feeling crafty, made a quick trip to Michael's, and was inspired by many pictures on Pinterest over the years and Mrs. Ali Madsen posting her projects.  I didn't follow any directions, but the project is quite simple to figure out! 

Head to your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc) and pick up your monogram letter {or your whole name or surname}.  I purchased a thin wood "O" for about $4.99 at Michael's.  It is probably about a foot tall.  While there, I also got the roll of jute cord pictured below.  I believe this was closer to 6-7 dollars.  It was 200 feet and I did have a bit left over.  There is also thicker jute, which I might consider for future projects, as this was about the thickness of yarn and it took a long time to cover my letter.

Once you have your supplies, the project just takes a bit of patience and a somewhat steady hand.  Begin with one end of your cording on the back of your letter.  Secure it with a small dab of hot glue.  From there, I unraveled a LOT of cord and cut it off.  That way I didn't have to shove the whole roll of jute through the middle of the "O" every time.  Depending on what letter you have, this may not be an issue. 
My starting point, in the middle of one of the long sides
My itty-bitty hot glue gun
Ravel, ravel, ravel...Be patient!  If you want your letter smooth, you will have to carefully line up each layer.  If you want it criss-cross-funky, your project will likely go much faster.  I ran in to some issues on the "corners" of the "O", so I got a little creative with covering the letter and actually really like the extra character it adds. 
My funky corners

The finished product!

I added a fun scrapbooking flower I also purchased at Michael's. I love the pop of turquoise and the bit of femininity that it adds!  When completed, I tilted this up against a picture frame on top of an old crate that I got for 8$ out junking.  In our new house, I have hanging it on the wall in our bedroom among my gallery pictures.  I love the shabby feel, the fact that I made it myself, it was less than $10, and that I can change it up/dress it up any time I want. 

This is a very easy project than any beginner craftswoman can make!

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