Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Great Weekend! Food, Fresh Air, and Shoes!

Hello All!

I am winding down from an awesome day and wanted to write about it before I forget!  This blog is somewhat of a diary for myself, and after our move, there are lots of fun things that I want to look back on.

Friday night we tried a happy hour Meetup group.  It was definitely male heavy, the bar was dark (and eventually loud), and it was sort of weird.  Right when we were about to leave, a guy we were sitting near introduced himself and his buddies.  They are former military, part owners of an energy drink company, and although Texans, fairly new to Austin.  We ended up hanging with them for several more hours and having a food truck dinner.  Though it wasn't a perfect "match" {haha}, they were a fun group and we wouldn't mind having a few drinks with them again.

This morning, I got a crazy hair to make Belgian waffles from scratch, with lots of fixings!  I'll probably do a recipe post at another time, but they turned out great!  They were made with whole wheat flour, had banana mash in them, and we ate them with a variety of PB, Nutella, strawberries, and syrup.  NOM.  Seriously, they were good.

Then we headed out for our first hiking adventure in a large greenbelt area in Austin.  We hiked about 5 miles of trail that runs along a river (which is very low right now due to drought).  There were lots of dogs, trees, neat flowers and berries, etc.  NATURE!  The sky was overcast, but it was probably about 75 degrees.  We were warm, but not crazy sweaty and enjoyed sucking in the fresh air!

On the way home, we snagged some shaved ice (mango and kiwi) and I finally got to stop at this consignment shop near our house.  I walked out with two cute pairs of shoes, a red vintage clutch, and horse head bookends!  Scores for me :)

Currently, Mike is watching the Bison game, making dinner, and I think we're going to stay in and catch a movie on Amazon Prime.  Cheers to an awesome day, fresh air, fantastic homemade food, and new adventures with my husband!!

Beginning of the Trail

Dark picture along the river

Up on a "cliff"

Hiking back off the trail, talking with frogs

Sweet treeee

Blair Witch Project, anyone?

Relaxing on the way back

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