Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Favorite Wedding Memories

Now that we have celebrated our one year anniversary with ourselves and with friends, for my own sake, I want to reminisce about our special day.  First of all, thank you to those who came to our small anniversary party and joined us for chocolate Kahlua fondue with strawberries, bananas, and fresh brownies.  It was a fun relaxing night and we really enjoyed it!

Now for the good stuff, some of the memorable moments from our wedding day!

*Having bangers'n'mash at our groom's dinner
*Seeing lots of people out at the bar the night before our wedding
*Waking up together and knowing that before the day ended, we would be Mr. & Mrs.
*My bridesmaids bursting into tears as I got in to my dress

*My mom being so overwhelmed that she couldn't even help me in to my dress

*Katie falling in her bridesmaid dress on the sidewalk and drawing blood, but somehow not ruining her dress

*Our first look.  I was falling apart, and Mike wasn't much help!  Also listening to our wedding party take the moment in as well.

*Everyone trying to balance on the swing in the sculpture garden, and Josh and Cody hoisting me off of it.

*Carmen accidentally tackling the assistant photographer and falling over
*Losing Jake and Cory during pictures, and them showing up with ice cream treats

*Everyone scarfing ham buns before the ceremony
*Mike accidentally walking himself down the aisle
*Our ceremony and walking music - Death Cab for Cutie & Bon Iver
*Anna looking at me before it was my turn to walk...I will never forget that moment.  My dad giving me a squeeze and saying everything's gonna be alright

*Hearing my bridesmaids sniffle behind me during the ceremony
*Making eye contact with Josh, our best man, during the ceremony and knowing he was so happy for us
*Choking up while saying my vows
*Surprising our moms with roses and words of thanks during our ceremony
*Walking down the aisle, together, and heading straight for the bar!

 *Team shots at Cooper Pub

 *The situation pictured below

*Our first dance to The Avett Brothers

*My crazy dance with my dad

*My grandpa stealing the mic during dinner

*Dancing with Bruce and Harriet Moir
*Kirsten DJ'ing and my bridesmaids dancing on stage where famous people have performed

*Bursting into tears in Cory and Joe's arms, know my best friends from college were in my wedding like we always said

 *My dad making everyone cry - Kirsten was the victim here

*Dancing with Dusty and him saying "Thank you for marrying my best friend"
*The fact that Mike's mom was there for us on our wedding day
*This moment:  which I just discovered when looking through pictures

*Having the best wedding party imaginable, and an amazing personal attendant 
*Being husband and wife and knowing that we shared our day with people we loved!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us for over five years!

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