Monday, April 29, 2013

Workin' With Wells

I have good news!  It's a week late, but it's still good :)  I was officially hired on at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  After 18 months of contract work, my persistence, and some good timing, they brought me on as a team member.  It was quite a battle, but based on my enormous raise, decent benefits, and new manager, I'm happy!  My transition was rough and not well planned by any means, but after a week and a half, I'm settling in to my routine, my team is getting used to me, and my manager is figuring me out.  Fun fact:  My new manager reminds me of Dave Simonett. Sweeeeeeeet!

My new job is similar to my old one, but much more intense.  I support my own region of Arizona and Utah.  I have underwriters and closers that I work with.  They are a great team and taking well to my organization.  The person before me (who got let go) was a mess in many ways and I'm basically getting my team back on the right track, which feels great for everyone.

Being in the mortgage industry is never what I expected, but right now, it's working out pretty great.  It's stable, and working for Wells Fargo corporate never looks bad on your resume.  Mike and I can still carpool, helping us to save a couple hundred bucks a month extra.

I wanted to put this out there to let everyone know where I landed.  Thanks to everyone who supported me and listened to me whine through the last few months.  For now, I'm calling Wells home!

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