Thursday, April 18, 2013

Birthday Girl!

My birthday was on the 8th.  Normally, I'm not too into it.  But for some reason this year, I was really excited.  Not for any specific reason.  I was just excited.

I was most excited about my birthday party I planned the weekend after.  It was far enough ahead of time that a lot of people were planning on coming, and there's nothing I love more than spending time with lots of my friends.  I subconsciously thought to myself things like, "I could never have a surprise birthday party, because I'm such a planner." Honestly, that went through my head.  Poor Mike, I'm so hard to surprise.

Little did we know...BRET (of all people) was going to surprise me.  Little sneak!!    We knew he was coming into town to stay, and we were both really excited to see him.  He was coming down "for work" and was going to come over early in the afternoon before the party.  It was just what we wanted so we could spend some time with him before everyone showed up.

Bret walked in a little after 4:00 and we got to catching up, talking, lahdeedah.  Then someone knocked on the door.   We hadn't ordered food, and I knew there was no way anyone was showing up that early.  We assumed it was a neighbor.  Mike answered the door, and didn't say anything.  He turned around to walk back to the couch....and in walked LEXY!!  My best friend who moved out east in October that I've really been missing.  I posted a status a few days earlier saying "All I want for my birthday is Lexy by my side."  And they had planned to surprise me all along!  I jumped up, crying, and gave her a huge hug.

It had been the plan for over a month, somehow Bret managed to keep his lies tight, and Lexy managed to keep her lips sealed and her Facebook clean of hints.  WOW.  CONGRATS GUYS!  You did it! You surprised the ultimate planner.  I had no idea.  The best part was that it was also a surprise for our other friends who came to the party saying "What are you doing here?!"

It was amazing.  I will never forget it.  I'll never beat it.  Best. Thing. EVER.  

The party was great.  Lots of people thought it was weird I was having my own birthday party.  But it was fantastic to see everyone, have some drinks, play games, and have a blast.  New friends, gossip, story time.  AMAZING.  I love the people in my life.

THANK YOU everyone for coming over.  Can't wait to see a lot of you on Saturday to celebrate my Carmie's birthday :)  Happy Birthday to Carmen today, love you!!

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  1. Sad I couldn't make it, it looked like so much fun!