Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Friend Files

I just had great prolonged weekend of seeing and spending time with some of my favorite people!

I missed a Happy Hour that I planned on Wednesday for my sorority sisters :(  I randomly got stuffy, coughing, and my sinuses were killing me on Tuesday, and I couldn't drag myself out to a public place after my Nyquil hangover.  It sounds like it was an eventful time!

Thursday, I felt a bit more pulled together, and after work Mike and I walked on the StoneArch Bridge to kill some time before a birthday dinner.  It was a beautiful day and we took our time admiring all the dogs, tree, clouds and water.  Then we headed to Mackenzie Pub.  It's the Scottish pub right next to the Orpheum, and had me reminiscing about my time in Scotland, boy do I miss it there!  We snagged a table until the birthday girl, Missy showed up to down 4 EJ/Sours in about 2 hours!  It was a small group of 5 and was so nice to catch up, chat about work, tell stories, and eat some great bar food.  We had hot dogs with chili and coleslaw, a soft pretzel with beer cheese, and "totchos".  Let me explain...AWESOME!  It's like nachos, but with tater tots!  Crispy, fried, delicious tater tots.  Nom.

Anna, Missy, and me
Friday was a day I'd been waiting for for a while.  Work was pretty dead, making the day go slow, and of course, it was GORGEOUS out.  Mike dropped me off at my friend's sister's house, and 8 of us headed to Target Field for a Twins game on the cheap.  Again, we all had delicious food, my choice: some chicken strips and seasoned fries, finished with a 9$ Goose Island I.P.A.  Fun fact:  There is no section 141 in Target Field.  We also could not find beer-garitas :(  The Twins lost, but the weather was great, we had a super fun group, and we're always good at making memories.  I'm not saying names or telling stories, but the rest of my night was spent in the E.R. with one of my best friends.  She is fine, thank god.  It gives us a good story, and a prodding to remember that time with friends is precious.  I keep reiterating the fact that now is the time to be making memories to tell our kids some day.  Be grateful for all the time we have together!

View from Peter's seats, we snuck down to see & surprise him!
Saturday brought more sunshine, which Mike and I took to get out the patio furniture and the motorcycle.  I shook and sunned our rugs, and broke out my birthday present: my Hoover steam mop.  Our main floor is hardwood, which I sweep on a weekly basis at the least, but as previously stated (in another blog), my Swiffer sucks.  With the rugs out sunning, I steam mopped the floor and it is now super clean!  Nerd.  

That night, Mike endeavored into homemade black bean burgers.  He wasn't happy with the texture, but they tasted delicious.  Plus, they're super cheap and healthy!  After dinner, we drove over to Savage to have some treats and drinks at our friend's parent's house.  We got to meet some of their high school friends and get to know everyone a little bit better.  It was nice to spend some time with another married couple!  

Today was filled with relaxing.  My favorite Sunday event.  Time to wind down and appreciate all of the amazing people in my life.  I LOVE spending time with my friends, and I hope to only see people more often during this hopefully fantastic summer coming up!  Cheers to another great week!

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