Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday {Volume Seven} My Podcast Recommendations

Hey hey it's FRIDAY!  We made it through the cold and gloomy week here in Minnesota.  We had our first *snow* on Wednesday and it's still pretty chilly around these parts.  With some outdoor plans this weekend and deer hunting next weekend, I'm crossing my fingers for some sunshine. 
But for now, I'm cuddled up indoors and trying to get the number to decrease on my Podcast app.  I hate when apps have the little number notification on them.  It drives me crazy!  Anyone else find this annoying?!  Anyway, while considering myself homebound, I've spent some time blogging in our library room, and today I've ventured out to a coffee shop nearby.  Still INDOORS though. Did I mention I miss Texas?  It was in the 70s there yesterday.  Jealous!

For this edition of Five on Friday, I'm going to give you FIVE MORE podcast recommendations.  This will be the third in my little podcast series.  Check out the first two here and here.  I am focusing on recommending podcasts for women, as I feel that sometimes it can be a little harder to find something that's not related to tech (for example).  

This American Life - This podcast is a radio show that is broadcast all over the country and is {apparently} a really popular podcast with over a million downloads per episode.  Everyone's favorite podcast, SERIAL, is an offshoot of this show.  (I also highly recommend that one, but if you haven't listened to it yet, you must be living in a hermit house.  So download it and prepare to be amazed.)  One strange thing about this podcast is that episodes are only available for a week after airing...sort of frustrating for me who likes to binge on episodes.  It appears as though you can listen to the archives online, though :)

This American Life is a super fun podcast that chooses a theme for each episode and gives you several different stories within the theme.  This podcast tackles all sorts of subjects from political to historical to just plain strange.  Pick an episode to start you off and I promise that after that, you'll be interested in whatever comes along the next week!  The topics are all over the place and always contain something new and interesting.


Dear Sugar Radio - This podcast contains the one and only Cheryl Strayed (author of WILD) and Steve Almond.  Dear Sugar was a relationship advice column on TheRumpus.Net.  They have now adapted it to be a podcast where Steve and Cheryl answer tough relationship questions.  They often call on a friend or colleague for help with at least one of the questions during the podcast.  Some of the questions they get are very serious - cheating, death, cross-country moves, etc.

This podcast can be a little heavy, and I have to be in the right mood for it to listen to an episode.  I do enjoy it!  It is always good to hear some relationship stories to keep your own going strong and steady.  It's sort of like counseling you didn't sign up for, and you don't have to pay for it!  In addition, hearing Cheryl Strayed talk about life is an experience in itself.  Definitely worth a listen!!


Hidden Brain - This is a brand new podcast from NPR.  It is hosted by Shankar Vedantam, who has such a smooth voice, it makes you want to learn about anything.  This podcast is technically listed as "science and medicine", but is really interesting for anyone to listen to.  He guides you through different topics dealing with the brain and how people act, react, and learn.  

He also does this fun bit called "stopwatch science" where he and another gentleman each have 60 seconds to address a study/finding.  It is a quick and easy way to learn new tidbits for casual conversation.  I like this podcast because it is intelligent and current.  It gives me something totally different to think about - as I am not a huge science person.  I love that the episodes are shorter, around 20 minutes, so you can squeeze one in at any time.  


Naturally Nicole - Since we're focusing on ladies here, and this post has been a little serious so far, let's throw in a FUN one!  Don't ask me how I even came across this, as I'm not a Snooki fan or anything, but it's pretty entertaining.  This is definitely one that they hubby will NOT listen along to, so make sure you're having some "you" time when you dive in to this.  She does this podcast with her friend Joey and talks about everything from her babies, to her friends, to celebrity gossip.  She also has celebrity guests sometimes, although I haven't heard one yet.  

If you know Nicole's insane attitude and fun demeanor, you're bound to have a good time listening to her banter with her bestie.  It is totally off the cuff, honest, and usually hilarious.  This would be a good one to kill time with while showering, driving, or cleaning.  You won't learn anything, but you will probably get a few good laughs!  The only thing I do not like about this podcast is that sometimes it's not done in a studio, so the sound quality isn't the best, but it's not a big deal...just being picky ;)


StoryCorps - This is another podcast supported by NPR.  The idea with StoryCorps is that anyone can record their story/interview and have it stored forever in the Library of Congress.  They get stunning stories of war, old memories, Hurricane Katrina, and heart breaking interviews such as a mother interviewing the person who murdered her son.  There are also fun stories, don't worry! 

Thanks to the founder winning the TED Prize this year, they have launched a new app where ANYONE can record their own interview and submit their story.  A project they are working on right now is The Great Thanksgiving Listen, where they are encouraging high school students to interview an elder over the holiday.  What a wonderful way to start chronicling a generation!  This can all be done through their app, so check it out for yourself!  They also have booths and mobile booths that tour the country collecting stories, you can schedule an interview here

I like this podcast because they are shorter episodes and the topics are all over the place.  You can pick and choose what to listen to, it's not a huge commitment, and you will learn a little empathy along the way.  The stories have such variety, really anyone can enjoy this podcast.  
There we have it, another week of fun!!  Let me know what you're thinking of all the podcasts I've been sending your way.  I like to have them to listen to while killing time around the house, and especially while driving.  Why not learn something while you're not even trying? Or just numb your mind and get in a few giggles?  I have come to love podcasts!!  How about you?

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  1. Ah! I just posted about 'Here's the thing' I love that podcast. I also Love love love This American Life (have you heard 'Fiasco!' it was so funny!) I also love Invisibilia on NPR- so great for the car!

    1. Invisibilia is the bomb! Love those ladies! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Love This American Life! I never thought of listening to it as a podcast (duh!) I'll have to try out the others too, they sound great :)

    Thanks for linking up for H54F!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love having something to listen to that I can start and stop at any time. Even if they're serious, you can always take a break and bust out a fun podcast!

  3. Wow I can't believe you already have had snow. I'm dreading it when the snow comes our way. Great Podcast recommendations. Thanks for linking up to H54F! Have a great week! God bless you!

    Della @ Della Devoted

    1. Hi Della, thanks for stopping by! I absolutely love your name, so unique!! I'm in MN and now yesterday it was 70 degrees and we ate lunch on our deck, crazy weather! I'm going to check out your blog to see what you're up to. Hope you're having a great week!!