Friday, May 8, 2015

Review of: Armor Fit Clear-Frosted iPhone 6 Case

I don't know about you, but I am pretty picky about the phone cases I use.  Since getting an iPhone, I've tried to keep it in a case.  I have always opted for the OtterBox cases to keep my phone in one piece. Especially since my husband dropped his phone face-down on our wedding day.  Oops!  

Even after hubby broke his phone, he still never got a case for it.  Now, years later, I got the opportunity to try out an Armor Fit Case and review it.  The perfect chance to get my picky guy to use a case!  

I got the clear-frosted case which is gender neutral and still gives you a peek at the new iPhone design for the 6.  The case has a bit of a funky look because of the rounded bumpers on each edge, other than that, it is nice and sleek & very light which is important for a guy carrying it around all the time.  The case also come with a screen protector which is an excellent perk for the price! 

After a few months, the case has held up fantastically.  It has done a great job protecting the phone, isn't too heavy, hasn't bent or scratched, and is still functioning!  

Two little things I personally don't like about the case: the top bumper area is actually hollow (to make it lighter, I assume) so it fills up with little dust particles and you have to clean it out every now and then.  Also, the bottom bumper makes it hard to plug in some types of cords.  We bought a new AUX cord during our recent move and I had to take the bottom of the case off to plug it in.  Kind of a pain, but nothing too annoying.  

All in all, this case in a fantastic value.  I love the sleek look, its weight, and the fact that it is clear.  I finally got the hubby to keep a case on, so it must be a good one!  Go check out Armor Fit Cases on Amazon - they have a few different colors to choose from and at $14.95 you have NOTHING to lose!

Although I received this product for free, all opinions are my own :)

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