Friday, May 15, 2015

Amazing Dress Find! {Target Strikes Again}

The other day, my mom and I had to run to a larger town to pick up a few things.  I begged her for a quick stop at Target to quell my craving for shopping.  It was a day out with nothing urgent on the schedule, so she obliged.  

Being that we recently moved, I have been very good at not buying a lot of extra things.  My clothing shopping pretty much ceased a few months ago (in preparation for the move), and other items such as house decor or kitchen goods has been cut off recently as well.  When you have to envision everything in boxes, and then eventually put said things in boxes, it makes not buying things pretty easy.

BUT - 

I needed to peruse Target.  I taught my mom my expert ways:  quick slide through the purses and scarves, followed by the clearance jewelry section, then the new clothes, and a bit more time in the clearance section.  Followed by anything that is ACTUALLY on your list, and then a browse of the end caps in the home section.  

We each found a few things to try on, and I found the most comfortable, affordable, modest, could-be-dressy dress for $20!  Check this baby out:

First of all, the model is gorgeous.  Secondly, it's a funky palette addition to my closet.  Third - this dress is SO COMFY.  I hardly ever buy things that are not on sale, but I'm highly considering ordering another color online.  Note that the sizing seemed to run big.  I ended up buying a medium, while I would normally be a large.  

I wore this yesterday during my first whole day meeting my twin niece and nephew.  {EEKS!}  It kept me covered even while bending over, stretching, etc.  The fabric is medium weight and would be perfect from spring to fall.  The shape is flattering for anyone, and the little cinch waist gives a bit of extra dimension.  I highly recommend this dress for anyone!

After leaving the dressing room, a peek in the men's section ended up with me purchasing two shirts for the hubby.  {He also got hot'n'spicy chicharrones...this is love.}  Again - at $20, you cannot go wrong with these gorgeous shirts!


Target is on point for summer - go treat yourself!!

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