Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mug Swap 2014 - Holiday Happiness

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If you wander blogland at all, you will likely come across a "swap" of some sort.  These are ranging from treats to jewelry to handmade gifts.  So I decided to host my own for my non-bloggy friends right before Christmas. 
As you all know, I love getting mail.  And packages are twice as exciting.  Especially gift packages from a surprise gifter!  I created a Facebook event and invited about 50 people. I ended up with 20 participants from 8 different states!!  It was so nice to connect with friends from all over and know that cheer was being sent to many different places. 
So how did we do it? 
A "YES" RSVP meant that you would send and receive a mug plus some goodies.  Once you RSVP'd, you posted on the page a few things you like so that your gifter had some shopping ideas. 
I said that I loved purple, owls, Minnesota, lace, fuzzy things, and chocolate covered nuts.  It was so interesting to see what people say when you actually have to write down what you "like".  It was sort of hard to think of things!
Then, I drew names randomly and sent the corresponding address to each gifter.  They could then look on the wall and see what their person liked and get creative.  Some people worked hard and even ordered from Amazon to get the perfect mug! 
I made a few things, bought a few things, and included some sweet treats.  It was so fun shopping around for cute little things to ship off to Minnesota.  I got excellent feedback from everyone and they said they would love to do it again.  I cannot wait to give it another whirl for Mug Swap 2015...coming to you November 2015!
Have you done a swap?  What would you suggest or send? 

Texas to Minnesota
Texas to Minnesota

Minnesota to North Dakota

Texas to South Dakota

Minnesota - Minnesota
South Dakota to North Dakota

Colorado to Minnesota

Minnesota to Colorado

North Dakota to Minnesota

Idaho to Minnesota

Alabama to North Dakota

Minnesota to Missouri
South Dakota to Texas - I got an extra treat because one gifter was feeling extra generous and sent me a hostess box!

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