Thursday, May 15, 2014

What Are You IN To?

Something about me...

I'm not particularly "in to" anything specific.  I don't feel like I have a passion right now.  There's nothing I MUST have.  Nothing I MUST do. 

What is your passion?  Does something keep you going every day?

For me, sometimes I feel a little down about it.  I'm not pursuing a dream job, I don't have something I'm dying to get home to (besides my husband, obviously).  I don't feel a fire in me, pulling me in a certain direction.  Especially since leaving college, now I don't have my sorority or student government, etc to keep me busy.

I think this is the source of my recent "baby-fever".  Maybe my passion is being a mom?  Maybe that's what I'm meant to do?!  Don't worry, we're not trying to get pregnant.  I'm smart enough to know that it is not the case, but it definitely did cross my mind.  What am I here for? 

When we first moved to Austin and started meeting new people, they would ask, "what are your hobbies"?  To which I NEVER knew what to say!  Drinking beer on a patio..??  Does that count as a hobby?  I like to watch movies and drink wine on a Friday night...  How LAME AM I?

I am not an athlete, I don't crochet, I don't do yoga, I am not involved in a church... You get the gist.  There's nothing that I must have or do to get me through the day.  I felt kind of stupid for not having a definitive answer.  And it made me look at myself a little harder.  But I guess not everyone has that one thing.  Maybe I just haven't figured it out yet...

So, what are my hobbies?

I love to go junking.  For me, it' s a hunt.  I love thinking of  new ways to use items, or how I can fix them up.  I've really been getting in to rehabbing projects and upcycling finds.  We now have a back yard, and of course a garage, that I can use to go wild with ideas.  And I always have my trusty husband on hand to hold/lift/help with things.  He's a gem. 

I also like supporting local talents.  Whether that be jewelry, candles, music, or food.  {Okay, those might all be things I'm "in to", but not a passion or a hobby.}  I love visiting local shops, flea markets, coffee shops, restaurants with live music, etc. 

For now, I guess my "thing" is just trying NEW things.  New food (we recently had Cuban and Poly-Fusion), yoga is on my list, as is bollywood dance.  I want to do more hiking, more crafting, and more picture taking.  I guess right now, I have nothing holding me back, and no one telling me what to do.  All the more reason to keep trying. 

Does anyone else feel like this? 


  1. Yes. I feel like this all the time. And beer, wine, junking, and trying new things are all very cool hobbies. Don't discount yourself! Miss you!

  2. I feel very much the same! Maybe we haven't found our passions yet, in which case trying new things is a great way to discover them!