Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Little Things - Moments of Peace

Do you ever take the time to enjoy the REALLY little things?  Like...realllly little things? 

I've had a few experiences lately where time has seemed to stop around me and then I'm suddenly taking things in with all of my senses. 

It started with washing my hands.  I was at work, washing my hands with soap, and when time stopped, I could feel the soap sliding over my hands.  I've never really had that before.  I began watching the bubbles form and slip around my fingers.  Feeling the softness between my hands and taking the time to "appreciate" this little moment of peace.

I eventually snapped out of it, but it immediately hit me that sometimes we just need to enjoy the thirty second moments of peace we are given. 

Next, it happened with a sip of coffee.  I drink coffee or tea almost every morning at work.  Nothing out of the ordinary, right?  While taking a sip, again, time seemed to freeze around me and I felt the drink go from my throat all the way to my stomach.  It happened in slow motion and it was almost as if I was watching it go through my body.  Let me tell you, that was just about the best sip of anything I've ever had. 

Do you take the time to enjoy the little things?  Feeling lotion moisturize your skin, a blanket bringing a wave of warmth over your body--really FEELING the warmth engulf you, a piece of chocolate melting all the way on your tongue (when was the last time you did THAT?!).  Do you take the time to enjoy the emotion in a hug, or do you just hug someone and let it be done?  {I'm not saying to be a creep, just to have it mean something!} 

The reality is that we often go through our days in a cloud and do not take the time to enjoy any of it, much less something as simple as feeling the comb go through your hair.  I'm not asking you to take thirty minutes to meditate.  I'm simply asking you to enjoy one miniscule task to its fullest and let that always be a positive step in your day. 

There's no day like today.


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