Sunday, August 11, 2013

Minneapolis Tap Room Road Trip

Back in July, Mike's best man visited with one purpose in mind:  Drink lots of good beer.

He arrived Friday night and they got right to it.  We got caught up on all the important chatter.  At midnight, I went to bed, and the guys retreated to the basement.  It got interesting.  After several hours, about $100 of beer {including Surly Seviin, Syx, and Pentagram, and many others}, listening to live shows, and guy talk...Mike came to bed around 4 am, and Josh unknowingly spent the night in the basement.

The next morning, Josh came upstairs around 9 and exclaimed "Mike, I slept in the basement!"  Yep, "Mr. Fall Asleep in Two Seconds and Passes Out Anywhere", you once again didn't make it to the bed we provided.  Boys, you're not as young as you once were.

I had a birthday brunch up in Northeast.  I wanted to be back home by noon to get the day rolling.  We had a large group, so that didn't happen, but it was to the benefit of the guys. When I got home, they were both laying on the couches, stuffed with BWW, and feeling their worst hangovers in months. HAHA!

When we left, I told Mike that he could drive until they were drunk and then I would drive. Simultaneously, they both said "I think we're already there".  So I hopped in the driver's seat.

First stop: Surly.  Furthest north, but worth the drive.  We got lucky that it was the Beer Dabbler, so many beer geeks were already occupied for the day.  This was to our benefit, as many of the taprooms were much less crowded.  Surly is the big cheese.  They are very established in Minnesota and have high demand.  They are opening a new brewpub soon and it is going to be OUT OF CONTROL.  I sampled the Cacao Bender.  Yum.  So good.  I also snagged a SevIIn tee for like $12.  Score!

Next stop:  Dangerous Man Brewing Co.  This is a very new brewery.  Love their logo.  Gorgeous wood on the inside, a huge bar, and you can bring in your own food.  The only thing I didn't like here was the wet glasses.  I HATE when places serve you something in a wet glass.  Call me crazy, but it drives me nuts.  Lots of space, great service, great beer.  I'm looking forward to seeing them grow.

Over to:  Indeed Brewing.  Still my favorite.  We went here for their grand opening and I just love the place.  They have a huge patio now, and a dark interior with awesome tables, vintage chairs, and great artwork.  They also have a great logo, I love symmetry :)  By the way, this is in a corner lot, obscured from view, so just keep walking, and you'll find it.

The Newbie:  612Brew.  They are currently distributing to a lot of Minneap bars.  Mike is not quite a fan.  We did the flight (highly recommended, I think it was $11) and it was a good experience for me. Mike is obviously much pickier.  Another place with awesome artwork, with comfy chairs, and an up close view of the brewery itself.  They have a fantastic outdoor space, but the brewery itself is hard to find. Look for the big red chimney.

To Minneapolis Proper:  Fulton Brewery.  I have been here before and definitely enjoy their Sweet Child of Vine.  Fair warning: parking can kind of suck.  They are now fully built, with a new patio, larger bathrooms, and extra seating.  I had their homemade soda (I think it was something like grapefruit mango) which was delicious, and their Ringer.  They didn't have much available, and by this time we were hungry, so we made out of there fairly quickly.

On to Food:  Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub.  We went here for dinner, and they guys had a beer or two.  We ate outside, in the dark, with greenery.  It was a nice little break.  I didn't enjoy my food too much (I think I had the pulled pork), but the guys recommend the Trout Wrap, and the Reuben/Rachel.  Also...don't waste your time on the sweet potato fries...AWFUL.  They have a pretty good selection of beers available as well.  It is in south Minneapolis, AKA much quieter and a little more removed from the hubbub.

And for Entertainment:  Harriet Brewing.  This was our last stop.  We were exhausted.  There was a CD release party for a local group, and the temperature was perfect.  They have a taproom that really consists of a few taps, some furniture, and open garage doors.  A little on the shabby side...but "not too shabby".  They do have a tasting room in the front though, which I assume is probably nicer.  We stayed for a few songs, the guys drank a light beer to end the night, watched people dance, and finally headed home.
One Man String Band
It was a long day.  With beautiful weather.  And great guys.  A fun memory and definitely a check off of the Minneapolis bucket list.  I just sipped off of their beers all day.  This took over 8 hours, a sober driver (me) and some cash.

Wrangle up a good group, and you will have a blast.  The breweries also team up with the food trucks, and most -if not all- will have food trucks on site for amazing, local food.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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