Friday, August 23, 2013

How Much Do You Love Your Dad?

Dads.  What a strange part of life.

I was definitely a daddy’s girl.  I get my curly hair from my dad.  My sense of humor.  My love of animals. 

If anyone reading knows my dad, you know how awesome he is.  I say that often.  It’s true.  If you haven't met him yet, you need to.  He is a tie-dye wearing, motorcycle riding, jag-bomb taking, squeeze-you-til-you-can’t-breathe hug giving, pony tail wearing, always smiling, good guy, guy. 

My dad has always worked hard to support our family.  My mom told me a few months back how much she appreciates that she was able to stay home for a few years with us kids.  My dad worked crazy hours, long hours, but I always remember having my dad around.  We took naps together.  Did anything outside together.  Camping, motorcycle rides…my dad was a fun dad growing up. 

Dad and Nick in Vail
Personally, I think I’m his favorite because I’m the baby girl ;)  Although he let me do some things my mom probably wouldn’t have (“Go ask your father”), he came after me when he thought I was smoking, told my mom to talk to me when he thought I was having sex, and kept me in line when I needed it.  I was a good kid, but my dad always had his eye on me at the right times.

Dad @ my grad party
I think this has made our relationship really great.  I can talk to him if I need to, and he will back me up when I need it.  But he will also get hammered drunk with Mike the first night they meet, and send me picture messages of him with my friends at the bar! 

Mike and Dad, 2010
He has his own language.  “Artie-isms”, if you will. 
Shap-shap = Oh, shit!
Wolfchow = eat fast. 
Bo-bop = dog. 
Double whip-back hanger = half pony tail.
And the list goes on. 

BUT…I wouldn’t trade my dad for anyone.  I am so glad he was there to walk me down the aisle at my wedding.  In the back room beforehand, he was standing with his hands in his pockets (in a SUIT, mind you, which most people have never seen before), and I said “Well, what do you think, Dad?”.  I could tell he was “pondering”, as he likes to say, and all he could muster to say (I think he was on the edge of tears) was “Natalie”, in a dad-like tone with a head nod.  I knew then my dad loved me so much and was so happy for us. 

I think you can see his happiness here!
He pulled me together beforehand.  He held me tight and told me “Everything will be okay” right before he handed me off to Mike.  His baby girl, all grown up.  We danced to Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” for my wedding.  No way were we going to dance to Butterfly Kisses, or something slow.  We started slow dancing, but quickly broke out the robot, the Egyptian (our specialty), and many other crazy moves.  We were being us! 

My dad’s crazy attitude, loving heart, and huge smile have helped me become who I am today.  Although he is different, and might not be a “soccer dad”, he’s MY dad and I love him so much. 

Take a look at your relationships.  Take time to appreciate what each person in your life has done for you and means to you.  A little reflection will help you to see what amazing people you have in your life!

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