Thursday, November 29, 2012

Say "Yes" to the Yes

Sorry it's been a while!  I have a few posts set up and I've been waiting and deciding which one to write.  This one just happens to encompass a lot of things I'm thinking and going through right I guess it's time for this post!

I am going through a "rough" (it's not really rough, I just don't know a different word for it) time right now finding my place in many friendships.  I came across this article, which applies to a lot of the topics I'm exploring.  It is called "18 Things You Should Say Yes To".  You should all read it.  :)  (The title is linked)

Concerning Number 4:  I took the "help" here as advice...learn to take advice.  I have been told by many people that one of the reasons they love me as a friend is because I will be totally honest with them at any time, whether they like it or not.  So when people need the tough love, they come to me.  But when they don't want to hear the truth, then they just avoid me.  Don't tell me what's going on.  But then if they need my advice, they use me for it.  That hurts.  I do not claim to know everything...but it is frustrating when people know what they need to do and just won't do it!  I really hate being out of the loop just because they can't handle me being honest with them.  A true friend will ask and listen, at any time, not just when they feel it is convenient.  It is time people grow up and stop playing games with their relationships, including friendships.

Concerning Number 7:  I talked in one of my earlier posts about people being busy.  Thinking they're busy.  I understand that I'm not working 2 jobs, volunteering, going to school, what have you...  But there are at least a few nights a week/month that you can make time for friends.  I confirmed my sane-ness at work today when my 35-year-old-single-mom-coworker assured me that now is the time to be seeing friends, doing things, and making memories.  I want to see people.  Do things.  (Even if "things" involves only wine and gossip!)  Please, people.  It's obvious at this point that I am chomping at the bit just to TALK to people outside of work.  Hence, my slowly-newly rekindling of a long lost best friendship.  We were close when we were younger, drifted in college, and have slowly been making our way back to a great friendship.  I really am missing that die hard friendship.  Lots of people seem so preoccupied with themselves lately and I need at least one person that will be there for ME.  When I need something, or someone.

Concerning Numbers 9 & 11:  Alright, enough of the super serious stuff (I hope I haven't lost you already).  I am me.  I'm never going to change.  I've been the same short, honest, outgoing person forever.  And I have finally given in to my curls.  UGH.  I have insanely curly hair.  But Mike, my mom, and my grandma all insist that I look better with my curls.  I have gotten myself to go out, like, to BARS without straightening my hair.  Yikes.  It sounds strange, but that is a big step for me!  *Confession---It also takes a long time and curly hair is easier and faster to do before work.  Haha.

Also, I have been on money lockdown since the wedding.  We paid for everything ourselves and in cash.  Let's just say, it came out to be several thousand more than we expected!  So, me being anal money saver that I am, have been TIGHT on my spending for the last several months to get my nice cushy savings back.  And it's been eating at me to SHOP.  So Saturday after Thanksgiving, I headed to Target in Bismarck and did the deed.  I spent $100...which, if you know me, is an insane amount for my penny-pinching @$$.  I got some awesome stuff, and I'm really jazzing about my two new dresses!!  In. LOVE.

Lastly...Concerning Number 18:  This is pretty much my mantra right now.  And I'm trying to get everyone on board.  Seriously people, THINGS WILL WORK OUT.  All you can do is breathe, walk forward, and go along for the ride.  But're driving!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I'm going to post about that soon :)  Cheers!

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