Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GlassesUSA - Finally Getting Prescription Sunglasses!

A few months ago, before this lovely sun came out to play, I was FINALLY able to get some prescription sunglasses.  They were my first pair ever, and I wasn't 100% positive that they were right for me.  So I've been testing them out for a while now, and I've decided that they're great!

I was always a contact wearer, but after settling in to an office job a few years ago, my eyes couldn't take the daily strain.  I have become a daily eyeglass wearer.  I still wear the same frames I got in 8th grade.  They were my second frames ever and I still get compliments on them!

But this lead to a tricky situation when I stepped outside.  I never had sunglasses to wear.  Sometimes, I would put large sunglasses over my glasses.  {Only in the car!}  NERD.  For special events and weekends outside, I would wear my contacts for a day or two.  But my eyes were always scratchy and dry.  Not fun.

I finally talked with Glasses USA, and we agreed that we could work together to get me some sunglasses!  They provided me with a wonderful discount, and I spent a lot of time checking out all of their frames.  One thing I absolutely loved about their site is that you can upload a photo of yourself and see how the frames will work on your face.  I have a small face so sunglasses are always hard for me to find!  I also wanted to make sure my sunglasses has nose pads so that when I'm sweaty, my glasses will stay in place.  

Like I said, at first I couldn't quite decide if I like them, but now I'm in love!   It is so nice to not have to worry about trying to deal with contacts when we have something going on for the weekend.  They fit great, and the lenses are light enough that I can wear them to run indoors for quick things.

I will say, it is sort of pain to have to switch glasses when I get to my destination, but I will take that over trying to deal with wearing uncomfortable contacts outside.

Glasses USA always has EXCELLENT deals on their website.  Check out the Sales & Coupons section of their site to get yourself an awesome pair of glasses!  You also get an eyeglasses case, and a card with your prescription on it for future use.  They also have free shipping and returns (with 20% restocking fee) so you can always try a new pair.

Get out there and get some glasses!!

*Although I was provided this product at a steep discount, all opinions are my own*

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