Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday {Volume 2}

Good Morning Friday Lovers!  I have been on a roll here this week, and I'm back again with round two of my Five on Friday roundup.  Before we get there...don't forget to:  Go like my Facebook page - Being Mrs. Olson Blog.  We will be doing a fun giveaway when we reach 250 likes!




I have been really good about getting to work extra early this week.  Not only do I get to leave around 4 in the afternoon, I have had time to grab coffee (from outside the office) the last two mornings!  Yesterday was a major fail of going to a new shop that wasn't open.  There was a non-existent "ice storm" and the city was running quiet at 7 in the morning.  So I drove through McD's and got a caramel mocha.  Delightful, I must say.  TODAY, I stopped by Strange Brew.   I wasn't impressed by their drip last time I visited, so I tried their signature Strange Brew drink - two shots, half & half, and raw sugar.  IT.IS.DELICIOUS. 


The sun is shining!  I've been waiting for WEEKS to see it.  Sorry to talk about the weather again, but seriously, this bitter cold and wind has got to stop.  And with Daylight Saving Time coming this weekend (don't forget!), I want my longer days to be bright and enjoyable.  Please and thank you. 


Last night, we got to go do dinner with my aunt and uncle visiting from the East Coast.  My uncle did his PHD in Austin at UT and they were returning to see the city and catch up with some colleagues.  They treated us to a fantastic Italian dinner at Due Forni.  I would highly recommend this restaurant and cannot wait to go back.  Indulge yourself with the feature cannoli.  Ours was cookies & cream.  DELECTABLE!  Thank you, Ben & Sara for a fun evening out!  You kept me out way past my bedtime!


My parents are the opposite of empty nesters.  Twice this week, my mom hardly wanted to talk on the phone with me!  One time, she hung up to take another call, and another time when I called, she asked why I was calling.  To catch up, Mother!  Geez, can't I just call!  {I know she reads this, so I'm just teasing.}  But I love that they are involved, out and about, and constantly keeping up with what's going on around them. 


Shout out to my husband.  He is just amazing and it has really been on my mind lately about how lucky I am. This has nothing to do with the scene I got to watch last night - him trying on his first pair of skinny jeans {it didn't go well, but it was hilarious!}.  Even after my dad warned him as he was asking for my hand that "she can be kind of a B" - he still decided he wanted to go on life's ride with me.  He is intelligent, insightful, a guiding hand, encouraging, spontaneous, quirky, loving, trustworthy, I could go on...  But most importantly, he is 100% on my side through everything.  Make sure you find a partner that will always be there!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  Blog changes coming soon, so stick around and we'll see you next week!

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