Friday, March 13, 2015

10 Things {You Might Not Know}

A little "get to know me" inspired by Franish

I'll try to make this a mix of fun facts and get to know me for people who might just be joining the blog!

1)  Growing up, my grandparents lived 5 miles in either direction from me.  I got to spend LOTS of time with my grandmas cooking, cleaning, and listening to old time music.  One memory that just came to mind is trying zucchini bread for the first time.  I treasure those memories and great times with my grandmothers - not many people get to be that close!

2)  I used to eat dirt.  From the ground.  By the handful.  I grew up in the country and we played outside all the time. Whenever my mom would come to bring me inside, I would have mud smeared all over.  She ended up having to call the doctor about it because I was eating so much dirt.  He told her I was lacking some nutrient that I thought I was getting from the dirt.  Way to go, Mom.

3)  I went to college to teach music.  I played drums.  I was very close to and inspired by my music directors in high school and had several music classes my senior year.  After a semester of college classes, with choir, percussion, drum lessons, and piano lessons to boot - it was too much for me.  It made me start to despise my passion and so I turned to Social Work. 

4)  I have lived in Olso, Norway.  I studied abroad my senior year of college.  Going overseas at that point in your college career isn't very common (especially since I had a full time internship my very last semester - so I wasn't on campus my senior year).  I horribly regretted my decision for about two weeks, and then made some awesome friends and amazing memories.  Norway is really expensive, so I didn't get to do a lot of the things I wanted to do, but I lost weight because I was practically rationing food, hah!

5)  I always finish books.  My mom does this and unfortunately I got the curse.  Even if I dislike a book and have to struggle though it for WEEKS, I will finish the book.  I do have two currently that I had to put away because it was pure torture, but they have bookmarks in them and I WILL finish them some day. 

6)  I like doing laundry.  Given it's only Mike and I right now, and I'm sure I'll learn to hate it once there's more of us, but for now - I like it.  I love to see things finished.  When everything is hung, folded, and clean, it makes me happy!  Plus, I love sorting it out, the good smells, and the warmth of the dryer.  Domestic Goddess? 

7)  I have a rabbit!  Now, most of you know this - but new readers may not have seen how adorable she is!  We are coming up on five years of her being ours, but we don't know how old she is.  I got her "for my birthday" from a friend who was moving and could not keep her.  Although she is a pain sometimes, she is the softest, cutest, and funniest pet ever!

8)  I'm not a big fan of water.  This includes rain.  I can swim, but never finished my whole run of lessons when I was young.  I think I stopped at level 6.  I can't dive.  I've never tubed or water-skied.  I don't like "laying out".  I think it has to do with my curly hair and it always looking like a wretched disaster after being wet.  So I just try to avoid it all together.  Although, I did like Commons Ford Ranch - which involved standing in the water while drinking.

9)  I love sweets.  I will indulge in everything from pie to cookies to candy.  I prefer chocolate anything.  It's hard for me to turn down a cupcake, even though they're not my favorite.  I love Christmas time because I can indulge with only half the guilt.  I will make special trips just to get sweets.  In fact, on the way home yesterday, even with the already insane SXSW traffic, I stopped at a crepe food truck to get some.  YUM!

And Now...

10)  The BIG NEWS!  I am going to become an AUNT.  FOUR TIMES!  In the next year :)  My oldest brother got engaged a few days before Christmas and his lovely lady has two daughters who I adore.  AND, my other brother and his wife are expecting...TWINS at the end of April.  I cannot WAIT to have these extra family members to share the love with. 


  1. Yay, congrats on being an auntie! Twins-lots if hard work but lots of fun!

  2. What awesome news!!! Yay for growing families!!! And I grew up living 5 minutes from my grandparents, which was FABULOUS:)

    Thanks so much for linking up with us for H54F!