Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy Burlap Pennant/Banner/Bunting

My blogging has been pretty great lately about being just behind the season.  Oops. 
The good thing about this SUPER EASY project is that you can use it any time of the year!  I have now used it for fall and Christmas decorating.  I even made some extras for friends and sent them back to Minnesota.  You can use this for birthdays, showers, anything fun!
A quick trip to the craft store (or your craft drawer) will get you the few supplies you need for this project.  I think I only ended up buying the burlap.  I got three large rolls at Hobby Lobby and they were only a few dollars each. 
You Will Need:
-Jute cord or a ribbon
-Burlap ribbon or sheets of burlap
-Hot glue
-Paper letter printouts or letter stencils
I started by using my computer to choose a holiday appropriate font in a large size and printed them out.  For fall, I used a larger blocky letter, and for Christmas I used a curvier font.  If I remember correctly, I used over 200 pt. font for the size. 
Next, cut out your letters with a scissors or exacto-knife.  If you want to be REALLY efficient, you can print onto a thicker paper so that you can keep your letters for future uses.  You might even be able to find alphabet stencils at the craft store or Amazon and save yourself this step all together.  I was going for cheap, but not necessarily efficient. 
Roll out your burlap and decide how big you want your pennants to be.  I eyeballed the letters on it and then cut enough space on each side.  I would say mine were about 4-6 inches wide.  Then cut how ever many squares/rectangles you need for your word. 
Trace your letters on to each square and then fill in with your sharpie.  If your stencils are the opposite way (the center is empty), you could also paint or spray paint your letters which would help them to last longer.  (Again, I was going for the quick and cheap method!)
At this point, I let my letters sit under a magazine overnight because they were a bit curly (the burlap was rolled up).  You could also iron your squares to get them flat and seal in your letters a bit more.
Now you're ready to put them on your cord or ribbon.  I used a thick jute cord and made sure to leave plenty of space on the ends so that you can tie it on to anything.  I started by putting the hot glue right on the cord and then pressing the top of each pennant on to the cord.  I then eyeballed over about two inches and put more glue for my second letter, and so on. 
At the very end, I cut the triangles out of the bottom of my burlap rectangles to make them look more like a fancy banner.  You could really do this step at any point after you have your original rectangles cut, I just like it to be the finishing touch!

This project was so easy and CHEAP!  Let me know if you come up with any variations and share your projects below!

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