Thursday, August 28, 2014

You're Always Mama

I love my mom.  I'm 25 years old and I'm currently counting down the days until I get to see her again (14).  I call her every Monday now that we live across the country.  We exchange pointless and silly text messages every few days.  And I'm pretty sure she cries every time we hang up the phone. 

I've never been a big mama's girl.  I'm much more like my dad and have always fallen a bit more into his playing field.  I have his curly hair, his humor, his attitude.  And he always let me get away with more!  Being told "Go Ask Your Father" was always a good thing. 

BUT my mom was always there to crack the whip at the right times, travel long distances with me, and be responsible when I needed her to be.  She also took the brunt of my adventurous outbursts: 

I'm going to college three hours away (age 18), I'm moving in with my boyfriend {now husband} (age 19), I'm going to Norway for school (age 20), I'm living in the cities (age 21), I'm ENGAGED (age 22), we're going to Costa Rica (age 23), and we're moving to Texas (age 24). 

Did you notice something there...?

Everything I mentioned happened after the age of 18.  Which is why I cannot stand it when people say things like "18 years until I'm off the hook", and "five more years of this and I'm done", and "I can't wait until she's out of the house". 

No, I'm not a mother.  But...REALITY CHECK: 


Your opinion will always matter.  You will still be the one we come to when we can't figure out why we're sick.  You will have to pick up the slack when we can't make it through something.  You will be the first one we tell our exciting news to.  You will have to take us in if something goes wrong.  You will be backup daycare.  You will help us through every tough time we come upon. 

You will always be the all-knowing, all-loving, all-the-time MOM! 

I say this because not only do I miss my mom right now, but I have had two in depth conversations with moms at work recently.  One has a four year old, and one has a 24 year old.  And guess what?  They were both going through tough times and pulling their kids along in the mommy wagon.  My response each time was "You're always Mama".  Which solidified my thoughts stated above. 

Especially with daughters, there is usually tension between them and their mom.  I always pushed my mom, not knowing that I was slowly turning in to her.  In recent years, we have become much closer.  It only took us twenty years to get there!  Now, I appreciate everything she has done for me and know that she will always be there for me, even when I'm forty and still need my mama. 

To all the moms out there:  you're doing a great job!  If your teenager is pushing you, hold on and be mama.  They will come around to appreciate everything you do!  If your baby is a crier, know it's because they want you.  If your husband is the favorite, know that you are always needed. 

Thanks, Mom.  For always following through, being supportive, and believing in everything I do. 
I Love You!

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