Monday, November 25, 2013

Chicken Wire Window Display

I've had my eye out for an old window pane lately.  You can find lots of ideas for them on Pinterest.  I was mainly thinking of doing some sort of picture frame...  But if you've ever been to my place, you know I have picture frames EVERYWHERE.  I love pictures.  I love being able to look at my friends, family, and memories every day and smile.  But I have plenty for now.

A few weeks ago I went back home to go to a barn sale with my mom.  It happened to be the perfect weekend, because the occasional stores were open in Dassel, MN, so we made a morning of it!  We didn't have too much luck at the barn sale, but proceeded to find some goodies at all of the stores in town.

One of my finds was an old wooden window frame with chicken wire on it.  I don't know if it's for a coop or if the wire was added at some point in its life.  Then in the back of the store, I found an eight-panel window.  UGH!  DECISIONS!  After a huddle with my mom, I decided on the chicken wire window.  Something a little different than the usual.

When we got home, it sat up against our fridge for a few weeks.  I couldn't quite decide what to do with it  Did I want it in the loft, that is slowly becoming more shabby?  In the safari room?  Start taking over the basement?

And then it came to me...

Christmas card display!!  

I bought some miniature clothespins at Michael's, it was probably about $3 for a pack of 18.  You can find these online as well at sites such as Oriental Trading (depending on how many you want).

So as not to put any more holes in the wall, I took down a picture frame that hangs in our living room by the front door.  And I hung up my window!  I didn't paint it, sand it, or fix it.  I left it as is: rugged, uneven and all.  In the future I may paint it or stain it, but for this season, I'm going to let it be itself!

Some Detail
Side View
On the wall!

It definitely adds a little more character and charm to our living room, and I can't wait for the holiday cards to start flowing in so I can add them!  After the holidays, I may simply put new pictures on it with the clothespins.  Maybe my sacrifice will just lead to more pictures being displayed {evil giggle}.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas for its next use!

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