Monday, January 21, 2013

Happiness in Norway

According to the Legatum Institute in London, Norway is the happiest country in the world.  In their annual Properity study, they consider a massive amount of factors and group them into categories such as safety, education, opportunity, etc.  Scandinavia is kicking ass, with Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland all in the top 10.  Sweet!  Sadly, the United States fell out of ranking and ended up in 12th place this year.  How depressing is that?  It's depressing that we're depressed. 

Here is the quickie Yahoo! article about the study.  This is totally a "grass is greener" moment, but why is Europe so COOL?!  I think of my time spent in Europe constantly and I am often jealous of all the stuff my friends over there get to accomplish.  They are much more free-spirited and can hop on a $20 flight to any country they want to in Europe.  Ugh...for us we have to save forever to get the $1200 flight across the pond.  Boooooo!  BUT...if there is something you want to do that will make you happy, do it. 

Relaxing on Grosholmen Island, Norway.  Happiness.
Happiness is what you make it.  If you're not happy with your life, then change it.  It's human nature to think other people have things better, but you can only be happy if you make yourself.
There's that saying that goes something like :  You won't regret the things you did but the things you didn't do.  I totally agree with that.  I truly live my life with no regrets (even the really shitty things that I have done to myself or others).  I learn from everything I do and to me, that is worth the experience.  Try new things, dig yourself out of your rut, and make yourself HAPPY.


I am happy.  Because I want to be.  What makes me happy?  My bunny.  My family.  Mike.  Friends.  Those are given, but I make sure to let all of them know I love them, spoil them, and spend time with them. The not so obvious... Fuzzy socks.  Chocolate.  Shiny jewelry.  Taking risks.  Clearance buys.  Travelling.  Trying new foods.  Feathers.  The zoo.  Sunshine.  Nifty lampshades.  Color crayons.  Music.  Hoodies.  Watching movies in bed.  Babies.  Photography.  Kindness.  The unexpected.  And lots of other stuff.  

Find happiness in the small things and make sure the big things realize they make you happy.  

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